Roundup: Press photos (and videos) of new HTC Touch Diamond shows off new UI

I’m following the HTC press event live on Crunch Gear and Phone Mag, but this photo was just uploaded by Mobile Review.

[Full resolution uncropped photo at Mobile Review]


Update: According to Vincent Nguyen the device will be available in Europe and Asia in June! UK = immediately? And rest of the world “later in the year.”

Update: First video is out, man is it grainy, but I’m sure we’ll see some more by the end of the day, watch it here.

Update: Boy Genius Report is also live blogging the event.

Update: Phone Mag has a HUGE gallery of high quality images taken at the event.

Update: Metric ass ton (technical term) of videos over at Crunch Gear. Horrible white noise issues.

Update: It runs Windows Mobile 6.1

Update: Engadget has even more photos and a complete spec sheet, quad band HSDPA?!

Update: HTC has their own YouTube channel with several videos of the Diamond and the new Touch Flo interface. This you want to check out.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Just because they didn’t announce what you wanted them to announce doesn’t mean they didn’t make anything cool.

    I believe in Android as much as you do, and I too want to see the dream, but you have to remember the scope of this event.

  • john

    Major disappointment no quandband GSM and no triband 3G. No thanks I will wait for 3g Iphone.

  • bazza

    Excellent stuff, shame i cant afford it sim free.

  • Allen tone

    Whats with the Battery: 900 mAh ?
    I’ll wait for my velocity phone.

  • peto

    hi, just one question-will be touchflo 3D release also for HTC TyTN II?

  • Raidium

    Honestly, I’m glad the phone sports windows mobile. I’m not really looking forward to the android operating system. What can I say, I’m a windows fan for life!

    Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be checking into it. 😀

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