Apple’s iPhone OS 2.0 beta firmware shows push email capability – iPhone OS 2.0 getting .Mac push email support?

Apple iPhone OS 2.0 to feature push email and fetch emailWhile BlackBerry users are busting out emails in real-time with the BlackBerry push email service, iPhone users are left to deal with a few third-party applications to enable push-email over their Outlook Exchange servers. Oh, and there’s also Yahoo’s iPhone push email support, but that service has been notoriously unreliable in dealing with real-time email delivery.

So, imagine our surprise on hearing that the next iPhone OS update – the iPhone OS 2.0 firmware – will launch packing native support for push email. AApple iPhone OS 2.0 to feature push email and fetch email new “Settings” pane under a new “Fetch New Data” category shows a toggle switch to enable push email. The screenshot below shows that push email is supported for .Mac.

It looks like Apple will not only be bringing true push email Apple iPhone OS 2.0 to feature push email and fetch emailsupport to the iPhone 2.0, but they are also going to start automatic email retrieval as “Fetch” email while referring to all real-time email as “Push” email.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the final version of the iPhone OS 2.0. If push email turns out to be available through Apple Mail, Microsoft Exchange, and Yahoo alongside .Mac, the iPhone will be making a huge push into the enterprise market.

[Via: iPhone Atlas and TUAW]

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