AT&T rolls out unlimited $20/month data-only plan for pre-paid Pay-As-You-Go plans – great news for iPhone

AT&T carrier logo on iPhoneIf using your Apple iPhone as a web-device/internet tablet is more compelling than using it as an actual, you know, phone, then you’ll be glad to hear that AT&T is on your side. AT&T has just announced their new data-only plan available through AT&T’s Pay-As-You-Go pre-paid wireless service. At just $20 per month, the new unlimited data-only rate plan gives iPhone hopefuls the option to put the huge multi-touch display to good use in gaming, internet, email, PDA functionality – everything but voice calls.

Here’s how you get your iPhone to work as a data-only internet tablet for just $20 a month.

  • Buy an AT&T pre-paid SIM card and load it with minutes
  • Activate your iPhone to work with the Pay-As-You-Go SIM card through iNdependence
  • Call “611” and register your new SIM card
  • Use the telephone-based system to buy the “Unlimited MediaNet” package for $19.95 (at the voice prompts, indicate that you want to “Buy Features” and then “Data Packages”)

Now, keep in mind that the unlimited data package is only good for a month, and you’ll need to re-up your pre-paid account with another data-package purchase every 30 days. Going over the unlimited 30-day period will have AT&T charging you $10 for every megabyte that you pull down.  But, that could be a risk worth taking for cheap, unlimited data on your iPhone.

[Via: TUAW]

  • Mohammed

    Would this give 3G coverage on other smartphones?

  • Joe

    Not anymore. Now you have to pay a 35 Dollar data plan.

  • Mick Gregory

    Can the AT&T $20 plan work on iPod Touch? That would be exactly what I want!

  • Ryan

    There no longer is an “Unlimited MediaNet” package. According to customer service you can now only purchase up to 100MB/month on a pay as you go plan.

    woo whoo… way to go AT&T.. you rock… ;cp

  • Jenny

    can you imagine the potential if they had kept this unlimited plan alive once os4 on the ifamily of devices rolls out? hello? skype? unlimited north american calling=$2.95/month, virtufon virtual number $6.95 per month, ALL THE CALLING AND TEXTING YOU WANT, $30 per month. pretty sweet as far as I can tell.

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