Lifetime Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry license available for $99.99!

Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry

Garmin recently announced a special offer for North American BlackBerry device owners. For only $99.99, users with GPS-enabled BlackBerrys can get Garmin Mobile’s turn-by-turn, voice prompted directions for the life of their smartphone. Users will also have unlimited access to such content such as traffic, weather conditions and forecasts, fuel prices and more.

Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry is easy to use and offers users extreme utility especially when traveling in unfamiliar areas. Users can navigate to addresses in North America, or search millions of points of interest (POI’s) — places like hotels, restaurants, shopping, and tourist attractions. Once a destination is selected, Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry automatically calculates the fastest route to the destination, and provides voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions along the way. If a turn is missed en route, Garmin Mobile automatically recalculates the route based on the user’s current location. Map data is provided by NAVTEQ — a world leader in premium-quality mapping.

Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry’s $99.99 one-time purchase is available directly from Garmin from this link. However, you should know this plan is not transferable between more devices.

  • adam

    Does this software apply to the BB Bold

  • phil

    i dl it for my BB curve. it was $99 well spent. only gripe is sometimes it is slow to attach itself to a GPS signal but works well when it does. i am hoping for an update soon where i can change the voice like the other standalone Garmin units. nonetheless, i like having this software and it helps me get around to my meetings.

  • Romeo Xavier

    Will this lifetime garmin software work on blackberry storm 9500 in new zealand.

  • Romeo Xavier

    Will this lifetime garmin gps software work on blackberry storm 9500 in new zealand

  • arlene

    Hi there: I downloaded the 7-day Garmin Mobile free trial onto my Blackberry Bold and it worked REALLY well; traffic updates, though, did not seem quite accurate and it twice got confused telling me I was going north, when I was actually going south.

    I’m using the 30-day free trial of Telenav right now; things I like about it are you can call in via voice what your destination is. However, I cannot find traffic problems anywhere in the app, yet it is advertised as having traffic updates. also, at first street names were announced, but then after a while it doesn’t give you street names, just to turn left or right in so many kms. Also, the text at the bottom of the map is in very small font.

    However, in preferences it seems to have more settings than Garmin. The Garmin software, however, keeps guiding you along – Telenav doesn’t – it gives you the one direction and if you miss it you never hear another peep out of it until you are getting close to where you’re supposed to make a turn. The Garmin, on the other hand, keeps telling you stay left or stay right for another xx kms, each time you pass an exit or a cross street; some people may find that annoying, but I like it and if you miss an instruction, you can press the trackball and it repeats it.

    Overall, so far I like the Garmin better and it’s cheaper in the long run – but I’ll keep using the Telenav for the length of the trial period.

    Take Care,

  • Phillip Pong

    Dear Sir,

    I bought a Blackberry Curve 8900 in Malaysia but i found no GPS/MAP… How i can get it?

    Best Regards,
    Phillip Pong

  • Pim

    Does the Garmin use streaming service. or is it really fixed installation without any additional cost (mobile operator) for the navigation?
    Thanks in adavance for the reply.
    Best regards,

  • GM

    I have the Lifetime subscription to Mobile and I was wondering if it works on iPhone 4 or BB Torch

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