iPhone Vista Perfection theme rocks, some will hate it

iPhone Vista Perfection themeThis is a tricky one. I’m sure many of the iPhone owners won’t even consider getting something with “Vista” word on their beloved device, like ever. However, I must say they should consider this beautiful theme…

VistaPerfection is a Summerboard compatible theme, created by Spec Works. Features include over 90 icons, boot and restore images, sliders and vista login/logoff (unlock/lock). The screenshot on the left is there to help you realize just how cool this is. Yeah, you may hate the Windows logo and I can understand that, but the icons are gorgeous.

The problem, though, at least for those interested to try out the theme, is that at the moment it isn’t available via Installer.app. Rather, you’ll have to manually go through series of steps in order to make your iPhone feel the power of Vista (start hating me here, please). If you’re that confident in your abilities to do so, or just want to give it shot, hop over to ModMyiPhone forums for detailed instructions. Good luck!

[Via: Just Another iPhone Blog]

  • Tarex

    I think it looks great. But I prefer the PDA-style theme which displays emails, messages, calls, appointments… etc.

  • ben

    why would you mix something cool with that pile of shite
    (iphone being the cool vista being the shite)

  • bazza

    I have an iphone and i like my vista machine, so i dont see any issue with mixing the best of both platforms. Quit stereotyping.

    That said, this theme seems quite cluttered for my taste and the steps to apply it arent worth it.

    Viva la Vista!!! =D

  • vivideye

    Vista came with my pc and I went back to xp. Some of the hardwares failed to work on vista.

  • Raidium

    Mixing a Windows OS with a Mac device? This is sure to raise some arguements. I am a definite Windows fan but Vista isn’t my favorite (not even close!) So I wouldn’t consider this. I don’t like the iPhone either so yeah…

  • Nick

    I think that if something works well and you like the style and user-interface, that it shouldnt matter wut company it is.

    I am presonally a die hard Apple fan, but if Microsoft ever outshines mac in my eyes I would not hesitate to consider switching sides.

    Its all about personal taste to me. I dont understand why the competitiveness of these two companies is manifesting itself in a hateful way in those comapnies’ users.

    Cant we all just get along?

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