AppStore launching with more than 500 iPhone apps!

iPhone AppStore

It’s not just the iPhone 3G people wait, it’s also the long awaited AppStore. In case you already haven’t jailbroken your iPhone/iPod Touch (shame on you), you certainly have reasons to rejoice as you will finally be able to try out some of the native apps on your beloved handset/media player.

According to the man himself, the AppStore will launch with “more than 500” applications. About 25% of these will be free and 90% of those for sale will cost $9.99 or less! On a separate note, The New York Times reports that one third of all apps will be games!

In an interview to USA Today, Jobs said this is the biggest launch of his career. Amen to that. Patience was never my virtue…

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • Jt

    Frisbee Golf for the iPhone! Cool!

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