HELLOMOTO is dead, be prepared to join the “We Generation”

hellomoto2.gifMotorola’s infamous “Hello Moto” commercials were epic, but how long has it been since you’ve heard those words leave someone’s mouth? The Illinois based company is going with a new motto, crafted by the fine folks at Ogilvy London, that you’ll start hearing day in and day out on the radio/tv/internet: “We generation.”

We all know how critical marketing is to the success of a product, but did the company cut their oppertunity for a second chance with consumers after the insanely popular RAZR?

One more thing, the ZN5 is supposed to start shipping in the UK by the end of this summer. According to Mobile-Review it’s the best 5 megapixel camera on the market but the software that thing runs … he carries a Nokia N82 if that tells you anything.

[Via: Marketing Week]

  • Shelbz

    It’s about damn time, Hello Moto is 5 years old and annoying as shit.

    • Pat

      so what its old, its awesome

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