Apple iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.1 OS jailbreak guide – Pwnage Tool 2.0 tutorial for Mac

With the iPhone Dev Team’s release of the Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 2.1 giving arm-chair iPhone hackers the tool they need to jailbreak and activate their iPhone 3G and any iPhone running the newest iPhone 2.0.1 2.1 OS, there are likely mobs of jailbreak-fiends out there looking to hook up your brand-new iPhone 3G or updated iPhone with those free third-party applications, a la the

The iPhone Dev Team has done their best to ensure that the iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0.1 2.1 OS jailbreak process is as simple as possible and shouldn’t need too much in the way of DIY tutorials or instructions, but that doesn’t mean all you iPhoners out there don’t want a Pwnage Tool 2.0.1 2.0.2 2.1 tutorial.

Pwnage Tool 2.0

PwnageTool 2.2 has been released to jailbreak your iPhone or iPhone 3G to iPhone 2.2 OS. Find the new iPhone jailbreak guide 

Follow these PwnageTool 2.0.2 2.1 usage instructions to avoid the possibility of ending up with a glossy-backed iBrick 3G. This tutorial is only meant for Mac users (Windows tutorial to follow shortly). Keep in mind that only the iPhones running iPhone 2.0.1 2.1 OS can be jailbroken, activated, and unlocked. The iPhone 3G cannot be unlocked at this point.

So without further ado, here are the instructions you will need to get your iPhone 3G and updated iPhone jailbroken with Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 (for the purposes of this PwnageTool 2.0.1 2.0.2 2.1 jailbreak guide, we’re going to assume you want to jailbreak an iPhone 3G on a Mac):

PwnageTool 2.2 has been released to jailbreak your iPhone or iPhone 3G to iPhone 2.2 OS. Find the new iPhone jailbreak guide here

Please read the following prior to diving into the jailbreak tutorial if you are new to the “jailbreak” scene, we will try to clear up any potential confusion here:

PwnageTool and Quickpwn are the only iPhone jailbreak tools that are compatible with iPhone 2.1 OS. Windows users, sorry to say, will have to wait for Winpwn 3.0 to be released (I should say, “will have to keep waiting“). PwnageTool is only compatible with Mac machines. You can use PwnageTool to jailbreak an iPhone or iPhone 3G (and even iPod Touch/iTouch) to any iPhone OS version you choose, even iPhone 2.1 OS.

This guide has been updated to reflect the release of PwnageTool 2.0.2 that is compatible with the iPhone 2.0.1 OS and preserves the older baseband firmware (making it more likely that a future SIM unlock solution will still work).

This guide has been updated to reflect the release of PwnageTool 2.1 that is compatible with the latest iPhone 2.1 OS and preserves the older baseband firmware (making it more likely that a future SIM unlock solution will still work).

In this updated guide, you will see all references to Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 edited to reflect the usage of the latest version of Pwnage Tool – Pwnage Tool 2.1

So, without further ado….

  • Familiarize yourself with the Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 2.1 jailbreak instruction video at the bottom of this DIY tutorial
  • Backup your iPhone 3G with iTunes
  • Quit iTunes
  • Disconnect iPhone 3G from computer
  • Make sure your iPhone is not connected to your computer
  • Download Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 2.1 here (direct download) or here (Bittorrent file)  or update your current Pwnage Tool installation to Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 2.1 accordingly (That is, once the Dev Team pushes out the updates through Pwnage Tool’s integrated software update utility)
    • Do NOT use Pwnage Tool 2.0 or Pwnage Tool 2.0.1 or Pwnage Tool 2.0.2
    • Download Pwnage Tool 2.1 to your desktop
  • Download iPhone 2.1 OS for your iPhone 3G here. Download iPhone 2.1 OS for your original iPhone here.
    • Use Firefox to download the .ipsw file
    • DO NOT use Safari
    • Download to your desktop
  • Move the firmware file from your desktop to your iPhone Software Updates directory (~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates)
  • Start the Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 2.1
    • Click “Ok” on Copyright prompt
  • Choose “Expert Mode” in top left corner
    • Choosing the “Simple Mode” allows you to take the easy way out and circumvent much of this PwnageTool 2.0.2 2.1 jailbreak guide – you may want to choose this option if you want to just go with default settings. If not, continue with the rest of this jailbreak tutorial
  • Pick your iPhone version
    • Pick the iPhone 3G on the far right
    • Click the blue arrow in the lower right corner
  • Allow Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 2.1 to search for firmware bundle
    • If you placed the firmware file in the correct location, Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 2.1 will locate the firmware file automatically – give it time to do its thing
  • In this next step, you’ll want to make sure you select only those options that you inted to change. Here are the recommended options:
    • General
      • Click the blue arrow in the lower right corner
  • When you are taken to the “General” options screen:
    • Official iPhone customers (AT&T iPhone customer in US) will want to:
      • UNCHECK the “Activate” box
    • Unofficial iPhone customers will want to:
      • CHECK the “Activate” box
    • Click the blue arrow in the lower right corner
  • Skip over the “Cydia” options screen
    • Click the blue arrow in the lower right corner
  • When you are taken to the “Custom Packages” options screen:
    • Make sure the “Cydia Installer” box is checked
    • Click the blue arrow in the lower right corner
  • When you are taken to the “Custom Logos” options screen:
    • Decide which logos you would like to use
      • Uncheck the boxes to use the default iPhone boot logos
    • You may also browse for custom logo files
    • Click the blue arrow in the lower right corner
  • Click “Build”
    • Wait for your custom .ipsw iPhone firmware restore file to be built
    • Click the blue arrow in the lower right corner
  • Save the custom restore file to your desktop (default location)
    • File will be named “iPhone1,2_2.1_5F136_Custom_Restore.ipsw” – leave it alone
  • When asked if the iPhone has been Pwned before, choose the appropriate option
    • iPhone 3G:
      • “NO”
    • iPhone (never Pwned – No pineapple logo):
      • “NO”
    • iPhone (previously Pwned – Has pineapple logo):
      • “YES”
  • Connect your iPhone
  • Follow directions to enter “Restore Mode”
    • Hint: If you follow the on-screen instructions to enter “Restore Mode,” you might want to hit the “Power” button slightly before hitting the “Home” button. This will ensure that you enter “Restore Mode.”
    • To put iPhone in to Restore mode, follow these steps (same steps as outlined by Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 2.1) – you can just follow on-screen instructions and ignore this section of the guide:
      • Turn off iPhone by holding down “Power/Sleep” button located on the top edge of your iPhone (you may “Slide to Power Off,” or you can just keep holding the Power/Sleep button until your iPhone powers down)
      • Hold down the “Home” button (the only button on the front-face of the iPhone) while plugging in USB cable (or iPhone dock)
      • Keep holding that “Home” button
  • If you followed the directions correctly, you will be rewarded with a blue window exclaiming your success – this is a good thing
    • Click “OK”
  • You will see “I Can Haz Success”
    • Quit Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 2.1 by hitting the Apple+Q keys or from the “PwnageTool”
  • Fire up iTunes
    • You will be told your iPhone needs to be restored
    • Click “OK”
  • Option+Click Restore (VERY IMPORTANT)
    • Make sure you hold down the “Option” key on the keyboard while clicking on “Restore”
  • Choose the “iPhone1,2_2.1_5F136_Custom_Restore.ipsw” from your desktop
    • Click “Open”
  • Wait
  • Wait some more
  • After some more waiting, you will be told that your iPhone that your iPhone has been restored
    • Click “OK”
  • Disconnect iPhone AFTER iTunes recognizes it
  • Restore backup of iPhone data

Your iPhone 3G is now fully jailbroken with third-party jailbreak application support. You may use jailbreak applications and AppStore applications alongside eachother.

Happy iPhone-ing!

  • andrew m

    hey i just pwned my iphone g and everything went smoothly…but when i connected it back to itunes after everyhing it says

    “iTunes coud not connect to the iPhone “iPhone” because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000001).”

    what is this and how can i fix the whole “iBrick” problem now?

  • danny

    i di d all these steps and i got cydia but my sim card doset work its not at&t as i live in egypt. any suggestions please post

  • cyber

    i have the same problem… i did all the steps n when i put in my Tmobile sim card it doesnt work, can anyone help?

  • howard the pro

    guys you cant i repeat cant unlock a iphone 3G at this moment 8/8/08 5:21 pm central time you CANNOT unlock it, that guide is for jailbreaking so you can install other apps on 2 your iphone 3G

  • djfootball

    If i have the 2.0 OS. do I need to upgrade to 2.0.1 or should i keep the 2.0 OS and use an older Pwnage tool?

  • Dj

    I recently just hacked my iphone 2.0.1. The only issue is that when i connected back to my mac, it didnt restore my settings that i originally had. Including some very important notes. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i could do?

  • Nathan N

    Hi there!

    Does this work for iPhone 3G in Australia? Also, can I just clarify whether this process works on a Mac only? Or does it work on windows as well ?


  • Will Park

    Only Mac at this point.

    Dj, I experienced this problem as well. For some reason, my most recent backup wouldn’t restore the iPhone 3G. I had to use an earlier backup that was older. If you want your important notes back, I would suggest restoring the iPhone with a regular 2.0.1 OS, rather than the custom_restore file that Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 created.

    Note, you will be forced to use the newer baseband firmware if you restore with the unmodified firmware,

  • Will Park

    My mistake, I should have been more clear.

    The newest Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 jailbreak solution is only compatible with the Mac at this point. This guide has been updated to reflect the use of the newest Pwnage Tool jailbreak utility and assumes that the user will be updating their Pwnage Tool insallation to the 2.0.2 version.

    The Winpwn 2.0 should only be applied to the iPhone 2.0 OS, NOT the iPhone 2.0.1 OS.

    I hope that helps clear things up…

  • Will Park

    I should add that the latest Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 utility (which, again, this guide assumes you will be using) is compatible with the iPhone 2.0 and iPhone 2.0.1 OS.

    The previous Pwnage Tool 2.0.1 was only compatible with iPhone 2.0 OS.

    Winpwn is only to be used with iPhone 2.0 OS.

  • Nathan N

    No worries.

    So let me confirm: I must use Winpwn 2.0 to jailbreak my new iPhone 3G since I’m using a windows pc.

  • Will Park

    Correct. But only update to the iPhone 2.0 OS, not the newer iPhone 2.0.1 OS

  • Nathan N

    Oh I see. Great. It’s been asking me to update to 2.0.1 and I’ve been putting it off, but I guess now there’s more reason not to. I guess I could always restore it back to 2.0 in the event it’s updated to 2.0.1 though right?

    Cheers Will, you’re great help as always.

  • kt

    not working…..
    just tried it on my 3G. went smoothly after restoring it through itunes. itunes was going to restart the iphone and ht iphone has just been coming onto the boot logo and then turning itself off and on from there.
    any ideas on what’s going on???

  • Ralphie

    What if I’ve already updated my un-jailbroken 3G to OS v2.0.1. Will Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 still jailbreak it? And if so, will it replace the newer baseband firmware to the older version, or is it too late after upgrading to OS v2.0.1?

  • Daz

    I have iphone 3g software verison 2.0.1. I want to jailbreak my phone for 3rd party apps. Iam in uK and have a mobile contract with 02. Will it still allow m e to make calls after I have done the jailbreak???

  • matt

    everytime i try the jailbreak it fails…whats going on

  • zieke

    umm, i was reading over the step by step guide above. At the end it says:
    # Wait
    # Wait some more
    # After some more waiting, you will be told that your iPhone that your iPhone has been restored

    * Click “OK”

    # Disconnect iPhone AFTER iTunes recognizes it
    # Restore backup of iPhone data

    If it has been restored do you have to restore it once again from the previous backup you made before you started pwning it?

  • Michael

    what are the consequences of jailbreaking a 2.0.2 phone? will it be able to upgrade to the next release (which hopefully fixes 3G problems)?


  • PePe

    ^.^ didnt work mine when I restore it has an error number 5 soo i needed to restore it normaly but as I see it isnt¡ working to nobody this is a lie!

  • andrew

    i used pwnage tool and successfully unlocked my non-3G iphone running 2.0.2. i have a t-mobile sim card but when i put it in the iphone, itunes will not recognize it, and it only gives me the emergency call option.
    any help would be much appreciated!


    Worked good for me once I found this…8gb /2g/ tmobile


    Once I found this guide, I ran it on the pwnage 2.0.3 with the 2.0.2 ipsw and t mobile, thanks to WILL and

  • Gundu

    Has anyone successfully jailbreaked the new iPhone 3G running on 2.0.2 and AT&T.

    What are the consequences of jailbreaking the iPhone? would I run into any issues while upgrading the software?


  • Chris

    I have an Iphone (not a 3G) running 2.1 and Itunes 8. something. I am not successful at jailbreaking it with windows. Anyone know how to jailbreak my phone using windows? What program etc….PLEASE HELP?

  • Brad

    I live in Canada and currently have an edge iphone…I had to use a xsim to get my phone working…I upgraded to 2.1 but now my phone isn’t working (no signal)…Is there a way using xsim to get my iphone working again? Any help would be appreciated.


  • ckislam

    Thanks worked Perfectly for an iPhone 3G Firmware 2.1 purchased from Italy.

  • ckislam

    I have to add that my iphone has NO SERVICE after the process. seems like I had to UNCHECK the ACTIVATE button.

  • Steve B.

    I just went through this process to install a jailbroken 2.1 on my iPhone 3G, and everything looks fine… except that all the additional apps I had installed (even the ones from Apple) are gone. I had taken a backup just before starting the process, and I restored the data from that backup; no dice.

  • boh

    it would appear doing this in Australia with a 3g and Voda sim turns your device into an itouch – no phone, no 3g

  • Charles

    Hey i live in Trinindad and i just bought the iphone 3G and i don’t know much about the iphone it was a gift actually i don’t have bluetooth nothing on the phone but if i try to download anything from the apps store it asks me for user account information can anyone help with this…………please

  • Kaan Y.

    i have a Iphone (not 3g) and its version is 1.1.4 I want to upgrade my phone to version 2.1.. I dont live in US. I tried using the 2.1 pwnage with the ipsw file i downloaded using itunes 8.0 when i try pwning, it says i dont have a Bootneuter file. Even though i downloaded from a site and browsed it with pwnage. am i doing everthing right? btw i picked the iphone option at th start of pwnage cuz iphone3g doesnt find ipsw and the ipsw i downloaded from this site doesnt work with an error saying wrong bundle… thx

  • Brad

    Kaan. I had the same problem as you…After trying many attempts using the 2.1 pwnage tool I tried using Quick Pwn and had success (for some reason)…hope this helps.

  • Carlo

    I just jailbreaked my iPhone and I want to thank you guys for this clear and handy guide… Everything went smoothly, thanks again 🙂

  • rb

    heyy….so i pwned my iphone 3g last night, and it worked for a few hours and then it shut off on me and then now when i try to reboot it it just shows the pineapple symbol!! When i plug it in it takes around 2 minutes to realize its plugged in then it vibrates and then it doesnt do anything. HELP PLEASEEE

  • Kaan Y.

    Success!! finally unlocked my iphone 2.1! I let itunes upgrade my iphone to v2.1.. then i had a locked iphone.. i used quickpwn 1.1 let it do its job.. than i put my iphone in restore mode and restored with my custom .ipsw (but no bootloader). DONE! now its fully working and i downloaded Bootloader from Cydia.. Hope it helps 🙂

  • Nick

    So I updated mt 2G iphone running 2.0.1 (unlocked using pwnage custom firmware) to 2.1 using itunes update feature and everything worked a treat. Was still unlocked and worked well but the only thing was I didn’t have cydia. So this morning I created a custom firmware and went to restore it in itunes but I keep on getting “error 6” when preparing the phone for restore. Worst thing is that when I restore it back using official apple firmware it re-locks the phone! Does anybody know what to do? Cheers

  • joan

    hi is it okay to run the pwnage tool using the xp windows?

  • Rz

    I have an issue, I did all of these steps and the phone is working great. One small problem thought. I can’t make phones calls, I receive phone calls but can’t make’em. Whenever I hit the phone icon, it quits within 10 seconds.

  • KP

    how come there is no “carriers” in my settings page and i can’t make or receive calls?

  • Sameer Gidwani

    Had 1.1.4 on a 2G phone. Just completed all the steps to get to 2.1 and the phone is working great except for the phone calls – I’ve got no signal at all.

    Any help out there for this, or do I now own an 8GB Ipod Touch?

  • djc

    I installed 2.0.1 with quickpwn and now I have no service. If I to go back to 1.1.4 I still have no service. Anyone successful getting their service back? How did you get it back? Is there a link or tutorial?

  • Islam Adel


    See the Advanced Options of Quickpwn before building the customized Firmware, there you have to UNCHECK the ACTIVATE button.
    had the same problem, that worked for me.
    good luck

  • zulu

    does i tunes 7.7 or 8 make a difference in this process?

  • patrik

    hi guys, just wondering if anyone of u can help me, i have been using pwnage tool 2.1 with iphone 2.1firmware, for my iphone 2g, everything went ok, i have been following instruction right, but i got a big problem, i haven’t got any signal at the moment, i don’t know what to do, does anyone got any idea what i have to do? please, thank you

  • Seba Aguilar

    Do I need to have an specific version of itunes?
    Works with the latest version?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Victor

    Your instructions do not say anything related to the iTunes version to use. Do I upgrade to 8.0 before starting?. Thank you

  • Seba Aguilar

    @Victor: I upgraded to the latest version of iTunes and did everything as the instructions and works perfect.

  • Squerry

    I have an official unlocked iPhone 3g running iTunes 8.0.35 and 2.1

    I tried pwnage 2.1 on iPhone 3g Oct 08 using this tutorial:

    The iPhone1,2_2.1_5F136_Restore.ipsw 237.8 MB was already in the user directory (~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates)

    In General options I left the Acivate button checked, however although jailbroken my iPhone no longer functioned as a phone. I restored using the unchanged file in the above directory. The pwnaged one was saved to the desktop. All restored OK. Not sure that the apps with unlocked jailbroken iPhone 3g warrant the worry!

    PS: You can buy unlocked iPhones legitimately in Italy and Hong Kong and insert your own sim card.

  • Madzbook

    Will I need to download 2.1 firmware if my phone actually came with it?

  • Will Park

    Yes, you will need to have a copy of the 2.1 firmware on your computer (desktop). Having it installed on your iPhone from the factory is not sufficient.

  • PePe

    man i do all what u said and the only problem is that when the iphone screen goes on the sign bars dont move and i cant make calls

  • scorpiotomse

    Thanks for these very clear instructions – they worked perfectly.

  • SAM

    Hey Guys..

    I’m Using iPhone 3G Firmware 2.1
    I have tried and Followed Steps above. At the time when the pwnage tool asks to get the iPhone in DFU Mode, I have tried 1000000 times and I have been able to successfully take the iPhone in DFU Mode and even iTunes have detected that the iPhone is in Recovery Mode but the pwnage tool keeps on saying that the DFU Mode Detection Failed.

    But as my iTunes have detected the Recovery Mode, I have kept the pwnage tool aside and have tried restoring iPhone by clicking Option+Restore Button and have chosen the Custom IPSW. But then it gave Error that “iPhone cannot be Restored because of some Unknown Error”

    Could anyone Plzzzzzzzzzzz Help me out !! I cant wait to get those Lovely Themes on my iPhone !!!

  • Will Park

    Follow the Pwnage guided instructions to enter DFU restore mode. The trick is to anticipate letting go of the power button while holding down the home button at exactly the right moment.

    I think Pwnage builds-in a little buffer time, but if you follow their procedure exactly, you’ll be in DFU restore mode. Remember to quit Pwnage before hitting up iTunes.

  • Connie

    Hi, I have a 1g iphone that is on 2.0.1 and i would like to upgrade/unlock to 2.1
    I tried and my bootloader files are not recognized, can someone please suggest on how I could unlock a 2.1 1g iphone? Thanks.

  • SAM

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for the Quick Response… Much Appreciated !!
    However, as you have said… I need to leave the Power Button while holding down the Home button at the “Right Moment”… Well, I think I am not sure what the Right Moment is ???

    Let me tell you what happens…
    When the Pwnage tool says “Prepare to Hold Power and Home Button in 5 Seconds”… and then It will count from 1 to 5…

    Right at 4-5, I hold down both the Buttons…
    After that Pwnage tool wants us to Hold both the buttons till 10 Seconds, And after that It wants us to let go the Power Button… But what happens is, When I hold both the Buttons, within 5 Seconds my iPhone shows the Apple Logo and then if I still keep both the Buttons Down to wait until Pwnage Tool asks to Release Power Button, either my iPhone goes to DFU Mode or it Turns Off itself…

    I have also tried to leave the Power Button as soon as my iPhone shows the APple Logo, and then It also goes to the DFU Mode but sadly, Pwnage tool is not able to detect it and as soon as my iPhone goes to DFU, Pwnage Tools shows Failure Status.

    What I thought was, May be the Pwnage Tool isnot able to detect but as my iPhone is in DFU Mode, Let me try to restore the Custom IPSW from iTunes, But it shows failure while Restoring.

    Man… I have been trying this like Crazy..
    Requesting you to suggest something on this… What should I be doing exactly and which step of mine is wrong and What is the Exact Right Moment Means?

    Any Suggestion from you will be much Appreciated Will !!

  • JR

    SAM, try something:

    When it says to push both buttons at the same time, try to press the Home button slightly before de Power button… just be patient with the count-off and follow the instructions. Be relaxed and remember: press Home button slightly before the home button, don’t get too excited.

    Hope it helps.

  • k-k

    I have a iPhone 3G from US and also I have 2.1 OS on my 3G. Is it possible to unlock my iPhone?

  • Will Park

    At this point in time it is not yet possible to unlock your iPhone 3G for use with non-approved GSM networks

  • k-k

    but. if I find iPhone 3G with OS2.0 it will be possible… yes!?

  • SAM

    Hi Guys…

    Atlast I have got my iPhone 3G JailBreaked….
    As per my Experience, I have got 2 Things to suggest them who are still struggling to get this done…

    1. Go to your iTunes Setting and Remove the Auto Sync Option so that iTunes will not open automatically whenever you connect your iPhone to your PC.

    2. Click the Home Button a little before the Power button as JR has suggested me. Thanks to JR for this… CHeers !!

    This 2 things has solved my Problem. So I thought I should better share this with you all….
    I would again like to Thank Will and JR for assisting me. Your Help is much Appreciated Guys !!

    Good Luck Guys,

  • aman

    hi, i have an iphone 3g (on 02) from UK, but now i m in India. In India i use the vodafone network, the official carrier of iphone in India, is it possible to use use the iphone here? do i have to contact vodafone here? coz when i simply insert the sim and connect it to itunes it shows the message only official carriers can be used.

    help in the matter will be appreciated

  • Anoop


    After going through all the above comments I am left with a quite a few confusions. There are a few things that everyone needs to be careful of. (This comment is for those users like me who are completely new to the terms like jailbreak and pwnage or winpwn. The point is that you need to clarify in the form of a table the following

    1 – First of all What iphone (iphone or iphone 3g)
    2 – Then what OS (version as it appears in the iphone)
    3 – Then What operating system (Windows or Mac)
    4 – Then What jailbreak software (i.e pwnage or Mac and Winpwn for Windows)
    5 – Then what version of pwnage or winpwn

    I have an iphone 3G with version 2.1 and Windows XP operating system on my laptop. This is a locked iphone for use on O2 network sims in UK. Can you please tell me what jailbreak software I need to use to jailbreak by iphone to be able to install 3rd party applications and what instructions I need to follow.

    I believe your repsonse will help many confused users who have left calls for help above.

    Many thanks


  • Matt

    I just want to give huge props to the foreman of this tutorial. I had spent all day trying to pwn 2.1 and ended up only screwing up my firmware so that the phone didn’t have any reception. Thanks to this awesome tutorial/forum I cleared up the bad code and got everything running.

    I just had to give some honor where honor was due!

    Keep doing your thing Will!

    Many thanks,


  • Jey

    My problem is that I can get through the whole process using pwnage tool, however when I try to restore from itunes I get an error saying an unknown error (21) has occurred. How can i fix this?

    1 – First of all What iphone (iphone or iphone 3g): iphone 3g
    2 – Then what OS (version as it appears in the iphone): 2.1
    3 – Then What operating system (Windows or Mac): mac
    4 – Then What jailbreak software (i.e pwnage or Mac and Winpwn for Windows): pwnage
    5 – Then what version of pwnage or winpwn: 2.1

  • titi

    i completed the jailbrakeing steps but i have no service in my iphone 3g can u help me out please email me

  • Will Park

    If you have a legitimate AT&T account, do not let Pwnage Tool activate the iPhone for you. Activating the iPhone through Pwnage Tool caused problems for me (I have AT&T service for my iPhone 3G)

  • minkle suri

    please send me all type software Exp itunes,ipop,games,safari, app store,mam for apple iphone 3G SOFTWARE all type

  • chok

    Can Apple (or just Jobs?) please finally wake up and make iPhone a device people can really use? I think instead of jailbreaking iPhone, someone should just come up with an entirely different OS for it so that it can wipe out all those junk code (to lock down the phone) that users don’t want on their own iphones. Or someone has already come up another OS that I am just not aware of?

  • Curious Dave

    Hi will,

    No dramas in the jailbreaking the phone for use of Swirly mms. Works fine with XP, itunes etc… so far

    My specs:
    – iphone 2.1
    – pwnage tool 2.0.2 (ithink, downloaded current ver on 2nd Nov)

    Question I have is the same or similar as Michael –

    @Michael Says: August 24th, 2008 at 10:10 am.
    What are the consequences of jailbreaking a 2.0.2 phone? will it be able to upgrade to the next release (which hopefully fixes 3G problems)?

    Is there any foreseen problems that you know of upgrading to the next apple release/update???

    Look forward to your or someones response.


  • Curious Dave


    On another note, any idea when apple are releasing their own apps for mms’ing, business card sending etc


  • Will Park

    Apologies for leaving some of you hanging, I’ll try to answer any unresolved questions here. If I don’t get to you, please leave another comment – it increases the chance that I’ll actually see your comment among the sea of daily comments I usually wade through.

    Dave and Michael,
    There should be no issues updating your iPhone to the jailbroken iPhone 2.1 OS. As long as you update it using the PwnageTool jailbreak method, you will preserve the older baseband that’s likely to be required in order to unlock the iPhone 3G (I’m assuming you have an iPhone 3G, if not, there are no issues/caveats whatsoever) if/when the iPhone Dev Team releases an iPhone 3G unlock solution.

    If you upgrade your iPhone OS without the PwnageTool, you’ll be flashing your baseband with a newer baseband firmware that may thwart any advances in iPhone 3G unlocking development.

    As for MMS, sorry, I really have no idea. Steve Jobs would know 😀

    Are you sure you are in DFU restore mode?

    1 – First of all What iphone (iphone or iphone 3g) This guide applies to both the iPhone and iPhone 3G
    2 – Then what OS (version as it appears in the iphone) This guide works for all iPhone OS versions, including iPhone 2.1 OS
    3 – Then What operating system (Windows or Mac)PwnageTool is used for Mac, while Winpwn is used for Windows
    4 – Then What jailbreak software (i.e pwnage or Mac and Winpwn for Windows) see above
    5 – Then what version of pwnage or winpwn
    see #3

    You should use Winpwn on your Windows machine to jailbreak your iPhone 3G

    Guide has been updated to reflect and clarify any confusing points

  • Will Park

    Winpwn works with Windows XP, but will not jailbreak your iPhone with the iPhone 2.1 OS. The only jailbreak solution that works with iPhone 2.1 OS are the Mac-based applications (PwnageTool and Quickpwn).

    Winpwn WILL jailbreak your iPhone and iPhone 3G on a Windows machine, but you’ll be limited to the iPhone 2.0.2 OS.

    Apologies for any confusion

  • Lil

    Everytime it comes to holding the power and home button down at the same time, after 5 seconds, my iphone turns off. I have tried 100s of times, its not working and its making me mad. Help please, how do I do it so that my iPhone doesnt just turn off while in the middle of it.

  • P Manthini

    Using the new unibody macbook pro I had great problem going to DFU restore mode. I used my iMac and everything worked great.

    Just follow the instruction on the Pwnage Tool and it works. Just don’t use the new Macbooks.

  • Will Park

    Lil, try pressing down the “Home” button just a fraction of a second before you press the “Power” button.

  • Will Park
  • Lil

    Hey will,
    Thanks, but my quickpwn tells me not to release the home button. So, do I release it after the first 5 secs?

  • rab

    hey will, have same problem as Jey… orig iphone now only showing itunes logo and usb plug.
    kepps trying to reboot itself and back to this.


  • olivier

    Someone help me!!!I have jailbrooken my 3g iphone 2.1 everything works out great only for one probleme I can recieve calls but I cant dial A number The phone app just freezes everytime help me someone please

  • Tim

    I have a 1st gen iphone and I downloaded an already pwned 2.1 firmware from the internet with cydia installed and it works fine except when I put a sim card in, it tells me “no sim card detected”. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

  • Will Park

    I would use PwnageTool to build your own custom iPhone 2.1 OS firmware.

    You will need to have the firmware activated through PwnageTool.

  • macbob

    Hi Guys,
    THANK YOU so much for GREAT info!
    I have an iPhone 8G that I purchased in the USA, which was “unlockable”.
    Well, until now!
    I followed your instructions and now have an operating iPhone.
    I did buy the i Smart iPhone sim chip, which I paid about 15 Euros for on eBay!
    I used a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.5.5
    My provider is in Luxembourg.
    Again, thank you and all the best to you!!!

  • Ariel Kadouri

    i have itunes installed V8.XX or w/e i cant find the harddrive/library/itunes

    itunes isnt there someone please help me

  • Jesper Neve

    Problem. I use Telenor here in Sweden. Got an iPhone with 2.0, unlocked. Upgrade to 2.1 went very well, although I lost some functions. Very nice functionality and integration with MS Exchange.
    I then upgraded to 2.2 with iPhone. I know, I am an jackass. iPhone refused to use my SIM. I decided to make factory reset. OK. But now I seem to be in the deep shit. iPhone refuses to connect to iTunes. I tried Pwnage tool. Limited success, or really none. The iPhone is from USA, probably with an AT&T subsciption. I tried with a Telia SIM card. The problem remains. Any suggestion? Do I need an AT&T SIM? Any Pwnage version that may work? All suggestions are very well received.

  • aman

    hi Will,
    i have an iphone 3g (on 02) from UK, but now i m in India. In India i use the vodafone network, the official carrier of iphone in India, is it possible to use use the iphone here? do i have to contact vodafone here? coz when i simply insert the sim and connect it to itunes it shows the message only official carriers can be used.

    help in the matter will be appreciated

  • Koas

    If after the jailbreak you can’t make dial calls because the phone dialer freezes and goes back to the main menu, try this:

    1- Uninstall Kate from Installer: this is what everyone recommends, seems to work for a lot of people but didn’t work for me.

    2- Then go to Installer again and uninstall these apps:

    A) Mobile enhancer
    B) RIP DEV preferences

    3- Reboot your iPhone.

    That’s what I did and got my dial pad back again.

    Hope this helps someone, I spent like three hours searching for a solution…

  • saurav

    Hi My iphone stuck showing “installing base apps ” and ziphone pictue only
    I tried to reboot my iphone but still it is showing the same screen. itune is also not recognizing iphone. please help me what to do?


  • Frankie

    I have a 3g Iphone and Ipwnd it. Was rebooting so went through the process to remove data and restore. Now it only comes up with the Ipwn boot screen. What can I do to get the OS back on.


  • Thomas

    Possible Solution – Disable 3G before jailbreaking….
    I think I may have found a solution to the issue of not having service after jailbreaking an iPhone 3G. My roommate and I both got our phones at the same time and have relatively the same setup. We both went through the process of jailbreaking our phones, but mine did not have service afterwards and his did. We followed the exact process on the same computer using the same files. After searching blogs and trying to figure out what could have happened, I realized that he had turned off 3G on the iPhone and I had not. So I restored my phone and went in the Settings -> General -> Network -> Enable 3G (OFF). I went through the process of jailbreaking and it was a success! Maybe this will help anyone who is having a similar issue! Best of luck!

  • Kevin0323

    If you are on the iphone 3g 2.2.1, and you can’t get past the apple logo upon completion, restore your iphone by opening itunes, then hold down the Home button for 5 seconds, then hold the power button until it turns off. Let go of just the power button, then press the power button again while still holding the Home button and iTunes will eventually recognize that it’s in “Restore Mode” and you can restore from backup. (If you have one). This will take a while.

    Now to attempt QuickPWN again correctly, realize that they left out the first step in the program. Open iTunes, click on your phone on the left, hold the shift button down, and click the Restore button. This will open a file browser where you can select the newly downloaded iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw. Restore to this file. This is an important step because it starts the iphone from scratch. When it prompts to restore service to the phone click yes. Then, open QuickPWN and browse to the same Restore file. When running QuickPWN 2.2.5 or 2.2.1 it will close iTunes. This is okay, don’t worry about it. When it gets to the third step and asks you to hold down for 30 seconds, really hold down for 30 seconds. Don’t let go when it moves down to the next process. Still count down from where it leaves off to zero, then let go. Let it do it’s thing. You should only have to wait about a couple of minutes for it to finish completely. If it sits on the apple or pineapple logo for more than 5 minutes it didn’t work and try again.

  • sanjo

    i am lost at the step of the itunes software updates directory, i dont know how to locate it and move the firmware from my desktop to it, please help me. thnx

  • Josh

    I’m trying to pwn my iphone 3GS but I when it tells me to connect it to the usb, pwnagetool still sits there and says to connect my phone, HELP ME!

  • Cena

    It worked for me too… go try it with following the instructions step by step…

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