Samsung graces home-country with Samsung BlackJack III

Samsung BlackJack III launched in South KoreaFollowing on the Samsung i788 BlackJack III’s pre-release showing yesterday, Samsung has graced its home-market of South Korea with the Samsung BlackJack III. The South Korean Samsung BlackJack III should be available to eager Windows Mobile fans around mid-July on SK Telecom.

But, this particular variant of the BlackJack III isn’t the Samsung i780 or i788 (which is the i780 with US GSM frequency support). The South Korean Samsung BlackJack III is apparently known internally as the Samsung SCH-M480, and known to South Koreans as the “Ultra Messaging 2.”

But, with the full complement of GPS, WiFi, 2 megapixel camera, 2.6-inch touchscreen, optical trackpad, microSD card slot, and QWERTY keyboard – all powered by Windows Mobile 6.0 – we don’t care what this handset is called. All we care about is seeing this beauty of a Windows Mobile smartphone hitting US shores in the near future.

We’re hoping it’s safe to assume that this Korean-variant of the Samsung i780 BlackJack III is just another stop Samsung is making on its way to the AT&T in The States. We’ve already seen the Samsung i788 BlackJack III pass through the FCC, so it’s only a matter of time before the successor to the highly acclaimed BlackJack II gets launched with 850/1900Mhz GSM frequency support.

[Via: AVING]

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