RIM BlackBerry Bold 9000 – $649.99 on TigerDirect, September delivery

For all you QWERTY-loving BlackBerry fans out there drooling over Waterloo’s hottest new push-emailing flagship, good news! Rather than wait anxiously for your chance to buy-up a BlackBerry Bold 9000 of your own, you can pre-order a BlackBerry Bold 9000 from TigerDirect and wait anxiously for the handset to ship to your door.

TigerDirect has the BlackBerry Bold 9000 available on pre-order for the wallet-shocking price of $649.99. Granted, compared to other pre-orders we’ve seen for hot, new smartphones, TigerDirect’s asking price isn’t all that hard to swallow. But, $650 is still a good chunk of change for us.

BlackBerry Bold 9000 available for pre-order

TigerDirect says that they’ll be shipping the BlackBerry Bold 9000 on the launch date, indicating that their warehouses might be receiving shipments prior to the street-launch date in order to get those eagerly awaiting Bolds shipped out and to your doorstep.

Tiger Direct

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  • steph

    i was told by att that unlocked phones wont work for most of their features and they cant guarentee that even when u add their info to it it will work so is it still worth so much to pay 650 for an unlocked phone that prolly wont work?

  • Anonymous

    Deals for Black Berry Bold 9000 with Tiger direct offers $649.99. As well without shipping charges for smart phone deals. Such a best chance to buy Black berry Bold 9000.

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