Motorola names Sanjay Jha as CEO of Mobile Devices Business

In an effort to save its mobile devices business, Motorola is bringing a new blood to lead the company’s struggling division. A man in charge of Motorola Devices Business will be Sanjay Jha, who was earlier a COO at Qualcomm. At the same time, Jha is becoming Co-CEO of Motorola.Sanjay Jha

Jha, age 45, most recently served as chief operating officer of QUALCOMM Incorporated where he was responsible for overseeing Corporate Research and Development and QUALCOMM Flarion Technologies (QFT). Jha also served as president of QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies (QCT), QUALCOMM’s chipset and software division and the world’s largest fabless semiconductor producer for the last five years. Jha began his career at QUALCOMM in 1994. He was promoted to vice president of engineering in 1997, and then to senior vice president of engineering in 1998. Jha became executive vice president of QUALCOMM and president of QCT in 2003. He was named COO in December 2006. He is also a member of the QUALCOMM Ventures advisory committee. Prior to joining QUALCOMM, Jha held lead design engineering roles with Brooktree Corporation, San Diego, and GEC Hirst Research Labs, London, England.

Jha holds a Ph.D. in electronic and electrical engineering from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. He received his bachelor of science degree in engineering from the University of Liverpool, England.

Jha was delighted with the appointment, saying: “Motorola is the pioneer in mobile devices and I am honored to become Co-CEO of this company and CEO of the Mobile Devices business. I welcome the opportunity to lead this company into the future, while working to create a successful independent Mobile Devices company that will continue to innovate and grow for years to come. I look forward to working closely with Greg, the Board, the senior leadership team, and Motorola’s talented, hard-working and dedicated associates around the globe to build value for our stockholders.”

Amen to that. Now show us some cool handsets. We all want to see Motorola shining again!

  • Zak

    Moto keeps hiring, firing, and restructuring the company, but I want to know WHEN will we as consumers see any of these business saving devices?

  • bing

    I doubt his qualification as a CEO. no back ground in marketing or sales. It is very harmful for mobile device business. His package is $ 36m. All he needs to do and can do is to help Greg to spin off Motorola and put the cash in his pocket and go.

  • Samcastile

    Motorola does not support their products. Their phones are mis-represent because they claim to be military grade but cannot replace a phone that took a less than 3 foot fall

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