Nokia to launch two new Nseries devices on on August 18th? N79? N85?

Nokia to launch two new Nseries devices on on August 18th?

Nokia will be announcing two new Nseries smartphones on this coming Monday at 8am UK time. The word on the street is that we’ll see the Finnish giant going all official with the N79 and N85.

As you may recall, the N79 is a somewhat simple lookin’ candybar, sporting a 2.4-inch display and a 5 megapixel camera. We’re also guessing this baby will come with aGPS and WiFi support.

On the other hand, the N85 has that dual-sliding mechanism we’ve already seen on the N95 and N96. Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE radio is on board and so is the HSPA support. 5 megapixel is coupled with dual LED flash, and there’s also WiFi and aGPS.

Symbian with S60 Feature Pack 2 is running all the show in the back of both device. Stay tuned as we unveil more…

[Via: Boy Genius Report]

  • tamer

    Nokia has not announced anything! What is your source!!

  • Zak

    Did you even read the post/picture?

  • Zak

    But forget these 2, I’m excited to see Nokia’s answer to the C905 and InnoV8!

  • tamer


    Post clearly says” Posted by Dusan under RUMORS”
    Picture doesn’t read N85!
    If you have a source for the information just say it, if not then respect what other people write.

    C905 InnoV8, we’re not just buying a higher mega pixle cam…it’s all about a name that one trust. I think Nokia deserves that trust.

  • Zak


    You’re wrong
    I’m right

    Deal with it

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