HSBC to order 200,000 iPhones for its staff?

BlackBerry vs iPhone

iPhone is now ready for business use and some companies may consider shunning BlackBerrys and other smartphones in favor of Apple’s baby. That could help getting some media coverage while boosting retention at the same time. After all, iPhone does sound more like fun (as opposed to “work”) than any other smartphone out there.

Still, I was kinda surprised to read HSBC is thinking about getting 200,000 iPhone for its workforce. At the moment, one of Europe’s largest banks buys BlackBerrys for their staff and switching to the iPhone would be a big win for Apple.

Nothing is confirmed at this stage, but Apple sort of, kind of already won! After reading this article, I’m sure other banks and corporations will think again about Apple’s proposition. I’m sure about one thing – staff will love the idea…

[Via: Unwired View, CNet]

  • Jones

    Strange they dont want the best smartphone as the E71
    who gives lot of more enjoy to busniess people.

  • Andrew

    If I ran a business there’s not a chance in hell my saff would be getting iPhone’s, as an iphone owner I can say that Blackberries are far more suitable for every aspect related to work.

  • kd

    They’re no doubt considering several phones. Anything to get a better deal.

    If they don’t chose Apple, that will have an impact on others as well.

  • Neil

    200,000 iPhones when HSBC has 330,000 employees (a large proportion of whom being cashiers and “low-level” staff, I would suggest).

    So this story would have us believe that HSBC intends to give one iPhone to 1 in 2 of their staff?!

    Sorry, but do the math(s) – these numbers just don’t stack up, HSBC would never give out or need so many BlackBerries as they’re typically given to managers and essential staff who need to be in contact 24×7, not cashiers etc. If HSBC have no need for so many BlackBerries (Dusan: note the plural of Berry is Berries!) why would HSBC be thinking about giving out so many iPhones?

    The numbers, and the associated story, are just nonsensical.

  • akekarat

    Apple hyping machine again? The Iphone OS is’nt a proven stable mobile OS. Long story short, the phone hangs without allowing multi-tasking.

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