Verizon Wireless adds Usage Controls to help users and their kids control mobile phone usage

Verizon Usage Controls

Verizon Wireless has recently unveiled Usage Controls, an easy-to-use online service providing customers and their children the ability to better manage and control how they use their mobile phones.

The new service expands and enhances features first introduced last year with Parental Controls, allowing customers to:

  • Set thresholds for voice minutes;
  • Set specific limits for text, picture, instant and video messaging as part of pay-as-you-go or message bundle plans;
  • Set time of day restrictions for data use and messaging;
  • Create lists of “trusted” and “blocked” numbers; and
  • Employ content filters.

Usage Controls is available for $4.99 per line per month. Customers must have a Nationwide Calling Plan, either Family Share or single line.

In addition, Verizon has also unveiled what they call “Chaperone 2.0,” a 10-buck a month service that offers parents a full family security solution, which provides assurance as to where children are and what services they are using. With Chaperone 2.0, parents gain:

  • The ability to locate multiple Chaperone Child devices at the same time;
  • Family SMS Messaging that allows a text message to be sent to one or more Chaperone Child phones from the Chaperone Parent application or Chaperone website;
  • Changes to the Child Zone settings, allowing parents to add time and date settings or multiple children per Child Zone;
  • Integration with VZ Navigator – allows parents with VZ Navigator to receive turn-by-turn directions to their child’s location; and
  • An improved Chaperone Web site that’s easier to use.

More information about Verizon’s Usage Controls and Chaperone 2.0 is available from these two links on the carrier’s website.

  • Robin Maxwell

    We need a cell phone for our 11 year old when he is at functions with his friends. Do you have a basic plan for such a need?
    Robin Maxwell

  • J G

    Usage Controls is a poorly designed software that do not provide the flexibility to “Control Usage.” I have signed up for the service for the intent it was worthless because I was unable to have “restriction times” for incoming and outgoing calls (I needed my child to be unable to use the phone at night.) the only option is to block the number or numbers used 24X7 which to me is “Blocking” not “Contolling Usage.”

  • thangsith

    usage control

  • thangsith

    We need a usage controls for my 12 year old when she at funtion with her friens. do you have a basic plan for such a need?

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