Nokia ditches built-in SIP for S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 (FP2)

Nokia N96 and Nokia N78Prospective Nokia customers looking to cash in on Espoo’s traditionally open-stance on VoIP-over-WiFi might be in for a bit of a surprise. Nokia has finally been swayed by carrier interests (read: lucrative handset contracts) to make it just a little harder for VoIP fans to get busy with web-based voice calls.

Nokia has traditionally included an SIP stack to enable out-of-the-box VoIP functionality on their Nseries handsets. The inclusion of a VoIP SIP stack falls in line with the company’s credo of offering open handsets that aren’t tied to contracts. But, with the confirmation that Nokia will not be including their SIP stack on newer Nseries devices with S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 (FP2), it seems that the bottom line has finally take priority over functionality.

VoIP calling presents a major loophole for wireless carriers looking to force users to pay for wireless minutes. So, it makes sense that the carriers would lean on Nokia to make VoIP just a bit more involved for the casual user. We can’t blame Nokia for taking their VoIP generosity off the table – they have shareholders to report to, afterall – but it’s sad to hear that the Nseries will go forward without built-in VoIP support.

The Nokia N78 and Nokia N96 are some of the first devices to do away with the built-in VoIP functionality, but the business-oriented Nokia E71 still holds on to its VoIP roots.

But, fear not, VoIP fans. Truphone is already working on a new VoIP client that should hassle-free (or at least minimized hassle) VoIP calling to Nokia Nseries devices going forward.

[Via: jkOnTheRun]

  • Maciek

    Shame on you Nokia. Suddenly Android looks more promising every day.

  • Amir B

    The new Fring should work fine on both phones 😀

  • Will Neale

    That is a great shame – my planned upgrade from an N95 8GB to an N96 has been canned as a direct result of this. It surprises me – Nokia has been challenging operators in the services space increasingly recently, with their own video store, music store etc… does this mean that they are going to close all of those too?

    Does it also mean that the recently included video share functionality (eg. on the 6220) is also being removed (given that this relies on a SIP stack)?

    Does this create an opportunity for a third party developer to release an open SIP client for S60 devices?

  • CFM

    VoIP is back in newer models N79 and N85. VoIP is mentioned for both newer s60 3rd FP2 mobiles. Take a look at products tech specs at If true Will might want to do a follow up.

  • AC

    I never did get Fring to work on my E61i, so I’ve been using Truphone — correct me if I’m wrong here, but my understanding is that it’s not a “true” VoIP app as it uses a local telephone connection to dial in to the Skype network.

    Not that I’m at all complaining — it’s worked great for me!

  • AC

    Oops, I meant iSkoot instead of Truphone. Me stupid…

  • viipottaja.

    Will, I would expecte a swift correction from Intomobile, as well a bit more source critique in the future..

  • Stan-O

    It’s a shame really, this is definitely holding me off from upgrades. I currently have a Nokia E51 (my second Nokia after N80IE) and I’m lusting after accelerator, the built-in GPS and the bigger screen, but I can’t force myself to buy the E66 while there’s a newer more technologically advanced 5800XM. If only it had the proper SIP support.

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