Nokia UK – a selection of prices

Nokia UK - a selection of pricesTis the season of Nokia madness, when it gets a ton of devices out there for purchase – nope, hang on, that’s all the time!

Anyhoo, just a quick round-up of “prices and devices” on the Nokia UK site right now – check out some keenly priced devices, plus one very interesting pre-order…..

First out of the gate is the E71 – the seriously good-looking emailer device that is going to bring the pressure to the Blackberry Bold. This device is much smaller than it looks, and is retailing online for the princely sum of £330. I’d have one in a hearbeat – ba-dump – oh look, I’ve just clicked on buy on the website!

Nokia UK - a selection of pricesMoving along swiftly, there are a number of devices that are now established in the marketplace, and hence don’t have such a premium pricetag attached to them any longer. I’d draw your attention to the former top-dog, the N95-8Gb, now retailing at £400. This is one seriously good handset, and to my mind in Top 5 of all-time devices.

But what about that hot pre-order? Well, that would of course be Nokia’s all-singing, all-data-dancing N96. On the UK website at least, it is coming in at an unashamed premium, but certainly not a price that would blow your mind…. how does £535 find you? Could you tolerate that in order to own a device that has universally been praised since pretty much it’s conception?


Part of my point here is to highlight what appears to be Nokia’s very keen pricing in the UK, but also I would imagine, on their other regional sites – it might worth an online trip to your local site to see what goodies they have for purchase. For me, I am getting just a bit excited thinking about the N96……mmmmhhhhhh……16GB of memory, just for me! 😆

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