Palm Treo Pro coming to AT&T later this year?

Palm Treo Pro looking pretty

Palm Treo Pro looking pretty

Keep your fingers crossed. Following on the leaked AT&T product roadmap, Palm has just confirmed that they will be bringing the Palm Treo Pro to a US carrier. We’re going to go ahead and assume AT&T will be picking up the GSM handset, but pricing and availability information are still unclear.

AT&T’s delays in getting the new BlackBerry Bold launched could spill over in to Palm Treo Pro launch-preparations. We will probably be seeing AT&T offering the Palm Treo Pro, but we may have to wait until late November or December before Treo Pro hopefuls can get in on the subsidized-action.

Palm Treo Pro fans, stick in there, you’ll get your hands on a subsidized Treo Pro soon enough!

[Via: WMExperts]

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