Apple prepping 32GB iPhone 3G?

First, grab the salt. Second, take the salt.

Good, now that you’re fully prepared to hear some seriously rumor-licious speculation on the iPhone 3G’s model refresh, here’s what we’ve been hearing:

Given reports that Apple’s 8GB iPhone 3G stock is drying up, we’re hearing that there’s a distinct possibility of Apple introducing a new 32GB iPhone 3G model alongside the re-introduction of in-home activation for the holiday shopping season.

We’ll see how this rumor pans out. If true, we know at least a couple editors that’ll be hocking their 16GB iPhone 3G and grabbing a bumped-up version. But, keep in mind, Apple could merely be shifting around 8GB iPhone 3G stock in preparation for the Best Buy marketing push.

[Via: AppleInsider]

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