BlackBerry Bold landing in Borneo, India

BlackBerry Bold

Two more lucky carriers will be packing the BlackBerry 9000 out east – Maxis and Reliance. Last Friday, 30 folks who had preordered the Bold from Maxis following the announcement earlier this month got their mitts on one early, while the rest will have to wait until the September 26th. launch. They can expect to shell out RM2,199 without contract or RM1,899 on a two-year plan. Borneo presents a huge market for Malaysia, so this is a particularly important launch for Maxis…

“The global excitement about this model will help fuel even more demand among our customers, who make up the biggest group of mobile data and advanced data service users in Malaysia, totalling 3.7 million currently.” [said Maxis Enterprise Business head M Fitri Abdullah]

As for India, Reliance will be offering the 3G-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled, GPS-packing BlackBerry powerhouse by the end of October for Rs. 34,990. India recently resolved their security situation for good, and a Bold launch is a great way to celebrate. Hopefully the whole thing is truly put to bed and future BlackBerrys won’t have as much trouble breaking into the booming market.

[via Borneo Post, RIM]

  • Kunal Gangar

    Hey Simon,

    Reliance is not the only one getting Bold in India. Airtel and Vodafone are also bringing it and that too by the end of this month.

    Kunal Gangar.

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