Tough times ahead in UK for N96?

Nokia N96 - to sell well in UK?

Nokia N96 - to sell well in UK?

Mobile News is carrying an interesting article, and in the manner of giving a balanced view, I thought I would bring it up for our readers to comment on.

The gist of the article is that the N95 (and to a certain extent N95-8GB) was the first of a new breed of devices to cram in a superset of features, that was arguably not in any other devices at the time. However, that isn’t the case anymore, and there are some serious contenders out there, from Apple, Samsung, and the like:

…the N96, due next month, may find it harder with the heightened competition to make a mark in the same way.

Notably, O2 has already ruled the N96 out. It has the Apple iPhone of course, and a spokesperson said simply its move was a “portfolio decision”.

Of course, Vodafone and Three WILL be carrying the device (as I posted earlier), but, do you think there is an argument here to suggest that the N96 won’t sell as well? My perspective was that the N95 and variants sold exceptionally well, so it might be hard to live up to those figures just because they are so high! What say you, our IntoMobile readers?

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  • Verbal_Kint

    What’s new on the N96? The N85 will be the bigger seller I think..

  • Jay

    I also believe that Nokia’ upcoming flagship Touch UI Nseries device will seriously eat up their own sales. I know I would not buy the N96 in anticipation of said product. Of course time will tell if S60 Touch will deliver but until I’ve seen it, I will not be spending my money on the N96.

  • evan Tavares

    I also think it will be hard to do very well because I think that folks like me who have a n95 8gb won’t upgrade, I mean there are phones like n82 or others which is almost the same. nokia should think in giving costumers new products instead of new forms. if you look at nokias new high end phones they are still the same

  • Talib

    When I saw the N96 specs, I was surprised by how little differentiates that device from the N95. I have the earlier device and while it was nice when I got it a year ago, it really pales in comparison to other devices that are out. I would get the E71 if it had an accelerometer. Nokia needs to get the program, it seems, with its devices and do some sprucing up of the OS.

  • Ron Smeets

    Let me start by saying that the N96 will be a succes because it still says Nokia om the box and phone.

    But, in my opinion you’d have to be a bit crazy to buy this if you alraedy have a N95 (8GB). Why? Because the N96 hasn’t got any real new features. Compared with the N95 (8GB) the N96 has Mobile TV (DVB-H), a FM Radio Tuner WITH RDS ann is 1mm thinner, that’s it!

    Nothing to get excited about. . .

  • newtype2011

    I sincerely hate Nokia for making this phone…

    …it has absolutely no place in their portfolio and they are simply milking the N95 specs to recoup the R/D on that phone (IMO). Unless you are getting this for free on contract or do not already own the N95(8GB) or N82, please don’t buy this crap -

  • Zak

    I agree on the fact that the os could use some sprucing up.
    But the symbian foundation seems so far away..

    And by god, someone needs to pioneer the industry and bring “new” technology into the marketplace. A new selling point beyond the standard wifi and gps. I have a g810 and the gps doesn’t even work.

    Where are the pico-projectors and the lithium ion batteries with the nano hairs?!

  • Zak

    Take a stroll though the r&d department and tell them to get their shit together!

  • Richard

    The N96 should have been Nokia’s first touch screen N series the wait from the N95 to a touchscreen has been too long. Nokia was very slow in releasing a flip phone and missed out on a whole market segment for sometime. Looks to me with monsters like the HTC Touch Diamond and Pro, apple iPhone 3G Nokia may have missed out on another new market segment. I have a simfree N82 love it but don’t see anything being significantly better for some time after seeing the recent crop of N series phone N85 and N96. I was expecting a nokia bad boy released in between the orig iPhone and Iphone 3G they had a whole year to get an innovation out but LG Samsung and HTC have done a better job. Stop limping Nokia and give us a Market topping monster of a phone.

  • Russell

    I have an N95 8GB and probably won’t be upgrading.

    One point that Ron Smeets missed was the upgrade from 8GB to 16GB and the inclusion of a micrsSD slot. For people who use the N95 8GB as their primary music device, this would be similar to upgrading your iPod to get the extra storage space, which many people did.

    Similar argument would apply to those that take a lot of video and want to keep it on the device for whatever reason.

    And don’t forget about the little stand so that you can prop the device up on a desktop – essential!

    The price point of £500 is too high to justify at this stage, though. I’ll wait and see what Vodafone offers it for.

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