BlackBerry Pearl Flip, Android G1 coming to Best Buy October 26th.

T-Mobile's HTC G1 and BlackBerry 8220

According to internal inventory, the upcoming BlackBerry 8220 in red and HTC G1 are both en route to Best Buy via T-Mobile and due to drop on October 26th. Canadian launch parties have given us a hint at the Rogers release date for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip, but we haven’t heard much south of the border. There’s nothing on pricing, but Rogers’ $149.99 on contract should give you a ballpark for T-Mobile.

As for the first Android handset, the G1, it’s not a huge surprise, since the announcement put the launch proper on October 22nd., and should be available for $179 on contract. The UK should be getting it around November.

Man, Best Buy really has been giving us lots of info lately, haven’t they?

[via BGR]

  • scaulen

    Some t-mobile customers had to pay $299 because there was too much time left on the contract. So now should we cancel the pre-order and just go to best buy and pick it up for a hundred less?

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