Exclusive membership for Newber service up for grabs!

Raise your hand if you like getting free stuff. We thought so. How about an exclusive membership to the latest iPhone call management service? Good, keep reading.

The good folks over at Newber were kind enough to give our readers a chance to win an exclusive sneak-peak at their Newber phone call-management service. Newber, as you’ll likely remember, is the GrandCentral-like solution for the iPhone – only hopped up on steroids that give it the ability to detect your location and transfer calls. Newber installs as an iPhone application on your iPhone or iPhone 3G and allows you to manage your incoming and outgoing calls – seamlessly switching between any phone number you choose.

With Newber installed on your iPhone or iPhone 3G, all calls sent to your “Newber number” can be routed to any phone number of your choice. You can then swap calls between any other phone number seamlessly, without missing a beat. When you move from car to office, or find yourself about to lose cellular reception, all you have to do is transfer your current call to your office phone or another phone with reception. The call transfer is transparent and completely unnoticeable to the caller, giving you uninterrupted peace of mind. And, with integrated GPS data, Newber can even track your position and offer to route all calls to the nearest phone.

Sounds slick, doesn’t it? Well, we’re giving away an exclusive Newber introductory membership to 15 lucky IntoMobile readers. You’ll be among just a handful of users with access to Newber’s service, and we’re proud to offer the exclusive membership for free to our lucky readers.

Newber won’t be available to anyone outside the private beta and our exclusive membership giveaway, so make sure you leave a comment!

Will you be one of the lucky few to give Newber a spin?

Here’s how you can win a free month of Newber service:

  1. Be a US resident.
  2. Leave a comment below (you’d be wise to leave an email address where we can reach you).
  3. Your comment should include a little blurb about your favorite Newber feature (don’t get too specific, just let us know that you’d actually use the service).
  4. Cross your fingers.

The contest is only open to US residents and will continue through the end of September. Get your comments in before October 1st to be included in the running for free Newber service!

  • Halen

    I would like to win this free membership to use the transfer the call to any phone feature.

  • Igor

    I like the idea of using gps to transfer calls, what would be a killing feature and a grate sale point, how would it affect my battery life?

  • Kaheem

    Newber really has the potential to be 100 times better than GrandCentral which has not been updated in ages. Now I can really keep my life in order on the go with Newber and their GSP location services…

  • Bob

    IntoMobile ROCKS! Newber sounds awesome.

  • Mark Bernay

    Hi, I am one of the old time phone phreaks and I invite you to check out my page.

    Unlike some old timers, I have kept up to date with technology. My cell phones for the last many years have been the best Internet-connected ones of their day, starting with the Color Sidekick, the Windows Mobile PPC-6700, and now the iPhone which has been jail-broken. I would love to test your new service, and I will be a very good beta-tester for you. I have beta tested several products before and I spend time using the products and prepare detailed reports on bugs and suggestions.

  • mohi

    why this is only for usa resident’s ?
    I would like to use it :( :( :(

  • Noah

    Hook it up.

    Transfer my iPhone calls to my Office phone when I forget my phone at home. Score!

  • jr

    My favorite thing about newber is that they have made updates to their software in the past two years, unlike grandcentral.

  • carlos orozco

    wow, that is awesome. I’d like the feature of seamless transfer, I travel a lot and go between corporate offices. Reception is hit and miss depending on where I travel to. I could really use a feature like that. All of our offices are converting to mobile/hoteling cubes. I could be any where now and still be able to get my calls. Also, when traveling by air, my phone does not get charged. it would be great to get to the office and charge my phone quickly. charging while in use slows down the charging cycle. This is really awesome!

  • Sean

    I’d greatly appreciate a newber membership.

    I am a US citizen, live in San Francisco bay area.

    The one feature I like the most is the GPS assisted transfer calls. That’ll save a lot of time. I will for sure use it to the fullest and provide developer feedback for development.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Tim

    I’m also in the Bay area. I also like the GPS assisted transfer calls.


  • Asianowl

    Awesome features!
    Would love to be able to transfer call from handset to office phone.

    Does first 15 posts gets the trial?


  • Thom Murphy

    Newber is Sweet, I use Grand Central currently. As a car salesman the GPS features of newber and abilty to set up which phone rings based on my location would be incredible. I work in two seperate offices, and it can be rather difficult for customers to track me down. Not to mention how difficult it can be for me to get there calls. I sure hope I win.

  • Malfoy

    I plan to be traveling next year and I can use this to keep my location lowkey while saving on minutes. :)

  • aladdin

    I like the idea of using gps to transfer calls its really cool.

  • smartmobile

    This is a clever idea, and if it performs as well as the demo I am buying.

  • jr

    Are they ever gonna send us these?

  • Tom Saad

    if this works almost automatically it will be tremendous. the idea is great it just depends how accurate the demos are about ease of use. i run a non profit town soccer club as well as business calls that would fit this perfectly.

  • Parie

    Love this!

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