CDMA BlackBerry Pearl Flip on the way?

BlackBerry Pearl Flip

In document mostly about the BlackBerry Storm’s market positioning, it turns out the most interesting thing is the hint of a CDMA BlackBerry Pearl Flip code-named Apex. Generally we’re used to waiting about a year for CDMA versions of BlackBerrys, but if they’re already talking about giving the 8220 a go-over for Verizon, maybe we’ll see a quicker turnaround this time. It wouldn’t be surprising as the document full acknowledges that the BlackBerry Storm will be RIM’s first device to have both GSM and CDMA variants released simultaneously. Hopefully this will set the future trend…

The CDMA Javelin, code-named Niagra, also gets a nod and ballparked for an early 2009 release, although considering the document talks about releasing the Storm in September, this info is probably a little stale and dates may have been pushed back a bit since then. It’s cool to see RIM throwing some love CDMA’s way, even though it only commands about 10% of the mobile market.

On an unrelated note, in RIM’s keyboard testing for the BlackBerry Storm, they found that the LG Viewty scored highest for usability. Think RIM’s counteroffer with tactile feedback will be able to compete?

[via BGR]

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