Building the BlackBerry Bold

Ever wonder how much it costs to put together the BlackBerry Bold or any other BlackBerry device for that matter? Research firm iSuppli has done some nifty research into just that, and the numbers are quite interesting.

The report shows that it costs RIM $169.41 to build each BlackBerry Bold device. Check that against the price at your local carrier… I think you’ll notice a bit of a markup? 🙂 Breaking it down a little bit further, the materials for the Bold cost $158.16, and assembly/testing costs only $11.25.

Also of interest (to me anyway) is the BlackBerry Curve apparently costs RIM $103.00 in materials. No details on how much the Pearl or Pearl Flip cost in materials… But if I had to guess, the Pearl would probably come in around $60 – $80 per unit. Interesting stuff!

[Via: BusinessWeek]

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