HTC Touch HD With Slide-Out Keyboard in the Works?

HTC has made a habit of launching ‘Pro’ versions of their devices, complete with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Would it not make sense then to speculate that a ‘Pro’ version of the HTC Touch HD would be coming down the tube for us as well? Rumors are starting to spread now that such a device is currently in development.

Wouldn’t that be one sweet device? The HTC Touch HD with its 3.8? WVGA 800 x 480 touchscreen, and the Touch Pro with it’s uber-utilitarian slide-out QWERTY keyboard all wrapped up into one device chalked full of HTC Touch HD Pro goodness.

My opinion? Yes, of course they’re working on something to this end. HTC would be foolish not to. Release date?… Woah… Lets not get carried away. 🙂

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  • Eltawil

    Yeah, wouldn’t it be sweet.

    But I think one of the ‘numerous’ reasons for having such a big touchscreen display is to give the user a larger virtual QWERTY keyboard. And I think (from looking at several videos and pictures of the on-screen keyboard) that having the additional physical keyboard would just add weight and bulkiness to the device.

    I say, leave the device without a physical keyboard. No need for any sliding mechanism or anything else that distorts the beauty of this device.

  • I’d do her …

    If HTC wants to make this investment, let it. I’d check it out.

  • timea vizi

    i’m just wondering
    is there two types of HTC diamonds?
    because my friend got the one that’s touch only and contains no keyboard.
    But when I researched it, it tells me they carry HTC diamond touch ONLY, or HTC diamond with keyboard.

    which one is a better quality ?

  • Will Park

    The HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro are essentially the same phone in terms of features. One has a slide-out QWERTY, while the other is just the touchscreen handset.

    The HTC Touch HD only comes in touchscreen variants without keyboard.

  • Mia

    The day that someone comes out with a smartphone with both a touchscreen and slide-out keyboard — while keeping the “bulk” factor to a minimum, of course — they will have a lifetime devotee in me! One of the reasons that I just couldn’t get into the iPhone is that I find the touchscreen keyboard virtually unusable for entering large amounts of text. (I send lots of emails for my job, so this is a “MUST”). Pretty much every person I know over the age of 21 (myself included) finds it nearly-impossible to type large amounts of text ACCURATELY using touchscreen text entry. I’m a huge fan of TouchFlow and touchscreen technology, but not at the expense of a slide-out keyboard. Maybe I’m spoiled, but I want to have the best of both worlds. And in a sleek, sexy package, too!

  • Kash4u

    They will definitely make this. It is the natural progression like the Diamond to the Pro, and why wouldn’t they make a PRO version of the HD since a keyboard has no relationship to a full screen and I shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

    At least HTC is finally on the right track, since I think Apple is too proud to attach a full keyboard and will pay the price.

    Either way I’m holding off on the HD and Touch Pro until an HD Pro is available (probably Spring 2009). All those people who bought Touch Pro’s are going to be pissed, but then again HTC had no problem screwing all the people who bought Diamonds with the HD.

  • Morgan

    I totally agree with Mia up there! The only reason I refuse to buy an iPhone is because of the lack of keyboard. I’ve tried texting on some friends iPhones and it’s just impossible for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can do it. Just not as easily and as fast as the slide out keyboard I’m accustomed to. See, I have the HTC Tilt currently and had the 8125 before that. So if they come out with this phone I will DEFINITELY be one of the first ones in line for it.

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