More BlackBerry 8900 hands-on pictures

If that first round of BlackBerry Javelin Curve eye candy wasn’t quite enough, there’s a whole second batch coming out of BGR now. A little convenient that both blogs are getting some playtime at once, no? What list do we have to get on for service like that? This is the most we’ve seen of the BlackBerry 8900 in some time, so clearly things are gearing internally for a launch. The latest we had heard of a release date was around late November, so we should be seeing it alongside the Storm for the holiday season. BG notes that the chrome feels a bit sturdier, which is nice – I always found the Bold’s frame to feel a little flimsy. The consensus remains that the Javelin is simply better on all fronts than the original BlackBerry Curve, mainly by borrowing heavily from the Bold’s design. Now, if only it had 3G…

[via BGR]

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