Samsung a777 slider coming to AT&T

Here’s a non-interesting piece of news for, at least where I live, rainy Saturday. AT&T will be adding a new simple-lookin’ Samsung slider phone in, we guess, near future. It’s called the Samsung a777 and once it’s released it will be available in four colors – blue, red, orange and green.

When this (release or announcement) will actually happen is a mystery for the moment, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see AT&T going all official with the a777 within days. After all, the Christmas shopping season has almost begun and mobile operators are pumping new devices to their portfolios to have a phone for everyone.

Most likely, the Samsung a777 will be one of those sub-$100 mass-market phones, which AT&T hopes will sell like hot cup-cakes…

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

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