Rogers outs BlackBerry 8320 in blue

In addition to the recently-discounted Bold and newly-launched BlackBerry Pearl Flip in pink, Rogers will be releasing the BlackBerry 8320 in time for the holiday season for $99.99 on a three-year contract. Rogers has been taking their sweet time getting Wi-Fi BlackBerrys out there, likely in an effort to maintain a stranglehold on wireless data revenues, but their UMA serivce, TalkSpot, is now in full swing, so completing the lineup has become a bit of a necessity. The BlackBerry 8220 is also rocking the Wi-Fi, making it a serious holiday contender by combining voice over IP and a low $50 pricetag. It’s unlikely that will be enough to combat Bell and Telus’ BlackBerry Storm launch later (or next?) month, but the BlackBerry 9530 does lack Wi-Fi, and could make Rogers a palatable choice for those looking to keep their wireless costs down.

[via CB]

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