‘Hill Billy’ Bringing First-Person Shooter Action to the iPhone

A new and exciting first-person shooter is currently in development for the iPhone. It’s called Hill Billy, and I’ve got to say the game looks pretty darn cool.

As you can see for yourself in the video above, the game looks ultra-smooth. No bumps or lags in gameplay as far as I can tell… The Mahatma graphics engine used here supports full normal mapping lighting for some truly outstanding results. The accelerometer controls your movement within the game, and it actually looks not so bad at all, very appropriate for this application. Accelerometer controls sometimes aren’t a huge hit with me… Totally depends on the game, but it looks like this one is a winner.

The one thing that puzzled me was the carrot you’ll see near the end of the video (around the 1:00 mark). Either that’s a plain old carrot, or one of the most useless weapons I’ve ever seen 🙂

Hill Billy looks like tons-o-fun. Can’t wait for Hill Billy to hit the App Store!

[Via: TouchArcade]

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    Damn you G1.

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