BlackBerry Storm Eviscerated for Public Display

The juicy, juicy innards of the recently-launched BlackBerry Storm have been pried open and scoped out by some tech-savvy reviewers. The one thing everyone wants to know is how the SurePress touchscreen works under the hood, but it’s nothing especially fancy – just a plate with a central pivot point. In terms of its execution, these guys remained hopeful yet unconvinced.

Unfortunately, typing, even on a gigantic landscape keyboard, just doesn’t feel right.  It’s mucky, because once you gain speed, you instantly hit an error.  This is due to the touchscreen not being able to recognize another finger while the button is being depressed.  If it had multi-touch functionality, letting you place your finger while you’re pressing another finger, we bet that implementation would be glorious.  For now, however, we got to stick with infuriating spelling mistakes from going too fast.

Throw one more unsatisfied review onto the pile, eh? PhoneWreck‘s a pretty new site on the mobile scene, but it’s a great idea – we look forward to seeing more gutted phones in the near future.

[phoneWreck via BlackBerry Sync]

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