LG Prada Link spotted at FCC’s website

Remember the LG Prada Link, that snazzy watch that was introduced alongside the Prada II handset? Well, it’s been approved by the FCC and now we have more details to report about it. Nothing too much, just few details that could push fashionistas towards the “buying trigger” in the tough economic times we’re livin’.

Apparently, the watch strap is made out of “genuine leather” and not a rubber as, at least I, previously thought. The Link’s battery allows to keep the watch paired with the Prada phone (or any other Bluetooth-enabled LG phone) for about 3 days. Afterwards, you’ll have to recharge it, a process which takes about 3 hours.

And that’s about all we know at present and I’m not sure what else there’s to say. The sad thing, though, is that we’re still waiting to see the phone part of the “Prada II combo” being approved by the FCC. Or if that happened already, we missed it…

[Via: Unwired View]

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