• bandit

    Someone upload this to megaupload or something.

  • nah.uhh

    Hey fyi, all of the addresses is the above are correct, but most of the hyperlinks lead to part01

  • Bob

    Links are screwed up.

  • Lane

    NS, Thank you, but please seriously one file kit or something, this kinda blows being in pieces taking forever,

    But Thank you all the same!!!!

  • Justin

    Can’t someone torrent this and upload it to TPB? I am quite sure a lot of people would be interested in d/ling this.

  • justin

    omg DL is brutal. anyone try it out yet?

    3/8 … garbage!

  • Alan

    Does this unlock GPS on the Verizon 8130 Pearl?

  • mediyoga

    links are screwed up.

  • Garrett

    Hey Simon
    Great blogs well I’m on Tmobile and been for maybe four years my BB was the
    8800 that really like features and the key pad of it.But as technology advances so do the units so i picked up the curve 8320i really liked it but key pad was very tight,so i wanted to go back to the 8800 but no cam :(.then i hear the bold 9000 was coming out and tmobile was getting it then Nottttttt! att got it f*&@.So i bought and unlocked one.So there is no internet web browser,or MMS,is there any thing i can do? I like the bold 9000 a lot and don’t want to change to att there customer service SUCKS!!! can you give me any direction and help me out with your great experience i would really really really appreciate it.

    Thanks Garrett Berry

  • kunshou

    This Is A Great Work Keep It Up

  • Simon Sage

    Once you start extracting, it should pull the files out of the other parts on its own.

  • bb bold.

    Any one tried this on windows vista…

  • casefile101

    thanks for that simon,

    once its all downloaded gonna try it on the(8310) my work gave me.

  • BaRTiMuS


    Your post states that this program should be “installed”. When I extract all the files, there is no install file. All I can do is go into the \BIN directory and run the program from there. The issue with that is that none of those DLL’s in the \BIN directory are registered and It errors out when I connect a phone.

    Can you give us some insight into this?

  • casefile101

    Im nearly done downloading (on the last file ..finally!) Ive got a question about the OS upgrade. I am used to upgrading BB device software by first wiping the handset using the command line program and entering “javaloader -usb wipe” this incurs an error 501 on the device (essentially killing the current OS) this reduces the time taken during an upgrade. I believe because it does something similar to formatting the device memory. Now i have the following questions:

    1) Is it possible to run through Steps 1-7 as you have mentioned above and then upgrade using the cmd-javaloader wipe-desktop manager- application loader approach so as to not actually have to upload a new OS software?

    I have on my 8310 and i dont think there is anything left to upgrade to. so i was hoping if it is possible to not have to downgrade then re-upgrade.

    2) Seeing as I dont have a STORM 9500/9530 or BOLD 9000 or the PEARL FLIP 8220. Do I have to upgrade my ‘Desktop Manager’ any further. I have v4.5 @ home and v4.7 in the office. I prefer to do this upgrade out of sight of my employer (as I could get fired for unlocking a BB, they are a carrier who makes a point of locking their BB handsets and refuse to unlock it for customers even when the customer goes roaming….i know evil, but what can you do?).

  • Caed

    RIM removed the files! I need number 6 and 7!

  • Ricardo

    Ihaved 6and 7 y need 2 and 4

  • Kevin

    I need no.7

  • Aaron

    Was this article posted anywhere else? I just wanted to know if the Verizon Storm uses a sim card and if all you have to do to unlock the storm is to delete the vendor xml file. I’m lost. I knew I should have copied this article. UGH!

  • Aaron

    Can anyone please send me the file? I was too late to get the eight. Ha ha…that rhymed.

  • Sentosa

    I have no.1,2,3,4,6,7,8.I need no.5!

  • Sentosa

    My ICQ number 221046143

  • fermin

    hi guys ive had a blackberry storm as a birthday present sent to me from england and i live in venezuela and there is no way the know how to unlock it here!!! ive had it for 2 weeks now and nothing! does anyone know hoy to unlock it?

  • Arturo

    Anyone still has the instructions on how to do this?

  • Enrique

    I unlock mine (8320) runnig on vista

  • blue0720

    hey, can anyone help me on how to download MFI Multiloader software does anyone have a copy of this on their pc’s? please send me this? THANKS!!!!!

  • Oscar

    Another website for the info posted here? there’s no here! please

  • mrchill

    tks allal123

  • ed

    allal123, this is your lucky day.
    i am the most dumb person in the world when talking about downloading.
    could you please tell me how do i use your link?

  • kenneth

    Hey guys, I’m still downloading the blackberry MFI multiloader, from allal123, can anybody confirm this? has anybody unlocked with this method?? I’d love to thry it out, but I haven’t bought my blackberry bold yet…

  • James

    Yes i used it worked great but instructions are a little limited figured it out doh 🙂

  • raj

    the links has been removed if anyone has this program and instrcutions please send it to rkanak00 at yahoo dot ca

  • sc

    I have all parts but get an error msg when I start the MFI loader – I start it by running mml.exe and it says update failed: could not find a part of the path T:\rma\mml\update\update.xml. Source: mscorlib. Can anyone provide some guidance? Thanks!

  • sc

    Will this program work on 8700c? I am getting error msgs and no luck.

  • gary

    yea if u do have the link please send to castro.govera@hotmail.com

  • Erick

    When working on the storm with the updated version and newer configuration file i get error” Load flash image failed (MFI=21968-001). Anybody?

  • nazim

    sc o u.. dont download from pirate bay.. becoz file 4 and 5 ae corrupted

  • max

    how to mearge those MML setup files with “all8files”
    ?? and whats with that “system requires oracle client required 7.8 or higher” and “TNS:could nopt resolve the connections host required” errror…..please help

  • Song

    If anyone has these files can u please send them to me at rurouni_song@Hotmail.com or contact me at 405-371-3836


    yo compre un blackberry en Los Angeles California en On.line consulte con AT & T para desbloquearlo y me dieron todas las instrucciones inclusive me dieron el codigo de desbloqueo 7739741244219408 caundo llegue a mi pais Ecuador ingrese la SIM CARD de varias operadores he probado con varias operadoras como son Telefonica Movistar , Porta, Alegro y me sale inmediatamenete SIM CARD: No Valid Sim Card he realizado los pasos que me indicaron en la operadora AT & T Opciones avanzadas; SIM CARD y no me da la opccion de poder ingresar el codigo proporcionado por AT & T que debo hacer.


    el modelo de blacberry es el 8310

  • ari

    go there and type in blackberry storm and it will let you download all 8 parts. parts 1-8 available.

  • ari

    go to mininova.com and type in blackberry storm and you will be give the eight part files you were looking for. enjoy.

  • ari


  • Dumas Teran

    hola presiso el programa MFI Multiloader,me lo podrian mandar a mi casilla?dumasteran@hotmail.com grasias

  • brandoramo

    allal123 posted a link to a torrent on here. KUDOS and thank you!!!

  • D_mo

    I have Icq and my number is 571414846 plz someone share these filez with me thank you in advance !!!!

  • jose

    como se de hacer los pasos adecuado para hacer un desbloqueo oh existe una pagina donde uno encuentre esta informacion para usarlo con otra companias como at&t , tmobile oh que puede uno hacer sin tener que acudir a quiene cobrar por hacer este trabajo

  • Subu

    Excuse me, but can someone please send me the links to the Software
    and how to use it?
    id really like to unlock this blackberry tour i have
    and also,
    whenever i try to get the IMEI to pop up it wont
    i press what it tells me exactly
    but it doest work

  • Kristina

    Hi i just bought a Blacberry Bold 9700 and i need some help to unlock it for free. Whats the name of the program för BB??
    Blue something, i dont recall. Either way I live in Sweden and they dont have the phone until november this year. Help me… Please!!!

    // Kristina







  • Apages84

    has anybody got the blackberry 8300 curve unlock code

  • Roberto_cch26

    mi bb bolt cuando le meto el mep para qu eme salga activado lo de red, network como le digan siempre me aparese desactiva asi qu eno puedo meterle  el codigo que me recomiendan hacer

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