BlackBerry Storm Versus BlackBerry 8900: Picture Comparison

Telus BlackBerry 9530 and Rogers BlackBerry 8900

Telus BlackBerry 9530 and Rogers BlackBerry 8900

The new BlackBerry Curve recently launched on Rogers and O2 tends to stick to RIM’s DNA a little more closely than the new touchscreen BlackBerry Storm, but there are more than a few stylistic similarities, as you’ll see. The BlackBerry 8900 is just a hair smaller than the Storm, but the Bold remains the big BlackBerry on campus. Check out the Sizeasy for a clear comparison. The bevelling and convenience keys on the Storm and Curve are pretty much identical, although position of the microUSB slot is swapped.

As far as my first impressions of the Telus BlackBerry Storm go, it’s notably smoother than previous BlackBerry OSes, with plenty of transitions and animations, although the SurePress clickable touchscreen is still taking some getting used to, especially with typing. Contrary to Ben, I found it had sufficient heft, and everything’s been running fine since it’s loaded with the latest .76 OS. As Doug pointed out, the Application Center is conspicuously absent, although it exists somewhere – what gives, Telus?

While I remain optimistic about the Storm, these pictures comparing the Storm to the Bold and the new 8900 Curve will have to do until the full review next week.

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