SimCity Arrives in the Apple App Store! Can I Get a High Five?

Yes, Yes, YES! When it comes to the SimCity family of games, I’m pretty much the biggest geek there is. As a youngster I used to huddle over my SNES and create communities in what was (at the time) the best city building simulation available. Come to think of it, I think I may owe the giant ‘C’ shape that my spine seems to have formed to the hours and hours playing this game. Either that or it’s the hours spent in front of my computer each day. 😛

To say the game is ‘legendary’ as Jonathan Skillings at CNet has reported is absolutely dead on. An all-out classic, SimCity for the iPhone and iPod Touch is available now in the App Store for $9.99. I’m going to go ahead and download it right now. I can’t help myself.

Some bugs in the new release have been reported, such as game slowdown when zooming… and even some crashing. Loading even basic cities apparently takes some time as well… So we’ll see. You can bet the folks at Electronic Arts are working like mad to fix any bugs or problems. I’ll get a few hours of gameplay under my belt and report back.

To get SimCity for your iPhone or iPod Touch, click here (iTunes Link Alert!).

[Via: CNet]

  • Joe

    Some of the parks are labeled in English and Spanish.

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