iPhone Nano Coming to Market in the New Year?

As you can see in the screenshot above, case manufacturer XSKN have a section of their site labeled ‘iPhone Nano’. Now, this could simply be a typo, perhaps they meant to put ‘iPod Nano’… But the description found on that page leads me to believe otherwise. For what it’s worth, I couldn’t actually find any cases on the site for the rumored iPhone Nano… So either this is indeed a typo, or an effort on their part to get some optimized pages into the search engines in build-up to an impending launch.

If you take a look back, XSKN actually began selling cases for the iPhone 3G before release. If we know anything about history… it’s that it tends to repeat itself. In September the company released case images of the unreleased 4th Gen iPod Nano, and while there was much question of the validity of the images… they turned out to be spot on.

File this one under unconfirmed rumors for now… So we’ll see where this goes.  Macworld is coming up soon, but I haven’t heard too much in the rumor mill regarding the iPhone Nano… Which would lead me to believe we will not see it launch at Macworld at all.

While I’m cranking the rumors… How about an iPhone Flip? Or an iPhone Slider? Or an iPhone HD? What would you like to see?

[Via: MacRumors]

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