World of Warcraft Theme for BlackBerry

Since getting back into World of Warcraft for the new Wrath of the Lich King expansion, I’ve been looking for ways to plug in through my BlackBerry. I had used a cool skill and sale order monitoring utility for EVE Online during my brief stint, and was hoping to find something similar for WoW – maybe an Armory database browser so I wouldn’t have to alt-tab out of the game when looking up quests and whathaveyou, or an auction notifier, or even something to see when my friends were online like that XBox app. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything yet, but I did find this cool World of Warcraft Today style theme for the BlackBerry Curve. If there was a Zen version that worked with the Bold, I would be all over that. It might not be as snazzy as, say, playing on your iPhone, but the theme certainly gives your BlackBerry that Azerothian feel. Maybe I can port over some in-game sound effects for ringtones. Next we need Horde and Alliance themes…

Go ahead and download the World of Warcraft Today theme here!

[via WoWInsider]

  • Somebody!

    Isn’t there an OTA download? I wanna download it directly from my device

  • marysmacs

    I don’t know of any BB device that can unzip any file. I thought that people capable of creating of themes would have a abundance of useable brain cells would have figure that the efforts are almost totally worthless to people using a BB to install a new theme.

  • paul

    I am new to the blackberry. I love wow and would love to have this… But how do I get it on my phone? Please stay with me guys, this is my first “good” phone!

  • Lina (azjol-nerub)

    How To Get The WoW Theme For BB 8520???? Anyone???

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