Leaked HTC Sapphire 2.0 might just be the Android-powered T-Mobile G2

Just this morning we saw HTC’s 2009 product lineup leaked out to the various corners of the web. And, as these types of things usually go, everyone and their sister are speculating as to what the unreleased devices are packing under the hood and to what carriers they’re ultimately destined for.

The latest rumblings along the grapevine indicate that we’ve just seen the first images of the T-Mobile G1′s successor – the Android-powered T-Mobile G2.

Among the couple dozen smartphones leaked today, the HTC Sapphire 2.0 is being billed as a potential T-Mobile G2 candidate. The HTC Sapphire 2.0 is likely headed to T-Mobile, as is probably evidenced by the “TMO” clearly stamped underneath the Sapphire 2.0′s codename (pictured left). The handset features what looks to be a T-Mobile myFaves button (a dedicated button that T-Mobile handsets have been known to feature) in the lower-left corner of the device, and the “2.0″ appended to the model name seems to hint at its role as the T-Mobile G2.

The HTC Sapphire 2.0 also sports the same curvy lines and track-ball that we see in the T-Mobile G1, but lacks any visible keyboard. If this particular handset does indeed turn out to be the G2, it will likely be running an as-yet-unreleased build of Android OS that supports virtual keyboard inputs (Cupcake).

Interestingly, the Android OS Cupcake development branch is expected to release their on-screen, virtual keyboard for the Android OS this month. And, previously leaked documents hint at T-Mobile launching their T-Mobile G2 as soon as January 26. Could we see Cupcake going live in early January and leading up to the HTC Sapphire 2.0′s introduction as the T-Mobile G2 in late January? The timing seems too good to be coincidence, doesn’t it?

We’ll keep a close eye on this potential G2 handset, stay tuned.

[Via: TmoNews]

  • Robert

    I’m pissed. I just bought the G1 and love it. would hate to have to go and buy the G2 3 weeks later.

  • Hox

    No 3.5mm jack, no LED flash for the camera, no slideout keyboard, it sucks already and it isn’t even released yet. Let’s hope they also don’t make the f***-up mistake of using extremely dismal internal memory of below 512MB. Memory is cheap enough now where there’s no excuse to make a 1996 chipset for a 2009 OS (android). The phone needs space for programs and the sd card doesn’t cut it.

  • AndroidBoy6969

    Do your research. Cupcake is not an un-released patch. Cupcake is a completely separate developers branch. I assume that we will get MANY cupcake updates in the future as the developers “merge to main” when certain features that the devs are working on are ready for primetime.

  • AndroidBoy6969

    @Robert – Why are you even buying into this phone yet then? Why didn’t you wait until there are 10 phones to choose from and then take the plunge? Getting the G1 and then complaining about the release of a so called G2 makes no sense. There are going to be TONS of android based phones soon. Get used to it.

  • Will Park

    “the Android OS Cupcake development branch”

  • AndroidBoy6969

    Will Park says:
    January 13th, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    “the Android OS Cupcake development branch”

    Yeah I see that you said that, but you seem to be confusing the “patch” with “Cupcake” (which is not actually a “patch”)

    “Could we see Cupcake going live”

    No, you will never see “Cupcake going live” as you put it.
    You will see some Cupcake features that make it to the main branch, but cupcake itself will never be “installed” on our phone (unless you are a dev of course.)

  • Nick

    What’s the black dot below the USB connector, and sortof on the back? 3.5mm jack, maybe?

    Even if this is the G2, I’ll stick with my G1. I like the real keyboard. This will probably have more internal memory which is nice, but hopefully this limitation with the G1 will be addressed in an update soon, letting us use the SD card for app stoarage. Even if they don’t, mine’s rooted so I can modify it myself if I have to.

    Other than that, I agree. I want an LED flash to make the camera at least somewhat useful.

    Overall, I love the hardware. My wish list is all software fixable stuff.

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