Aircell GoGo in-flight internet comes to United Airlines!

It’s not just enough for airline carriers to offer a flight in the “friendly skies” anymore. Savvy travelers demand more these days – things like in-flight movies and in-flight internet connections are fast-becoming must-have amenities. As such, airlines have been quick to adopt in-air internet services. Aircell’s GoGo in-flight data solutions have been gaining traction among air-carriers as the go-to provider for in-cabin internet connectivity.

United Airlines has just become the latest US air-carrier to offer Aircell’s GoGo in-flight WiFi service, which turns the aircraft into on big flying WiFi hotspot. Following on the carrier’s push to outfit their fleet with iPhone/iPod compatible entertainment displays, United Airlines will be rolling out in-cabin broadband service on select flights between New York and California. The service will be available on 13 Boeing 757 aircraft traveling between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport and San Francisco International Airport. Aircell says that United Airline will be a “GoGo” in the second half of this year.

Aircell is already signed-on to provide in-flight internet service to American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Air Canada and Virgin America. With United on board for in-cabin data connectivity, US air-travelers will have more options than ever for staying connected in the air. It’s a good thing.

United Airlines

Full press release follows.

United Airlines to Offer Gogo Inflight Internet Service on p.s. Transcontinental Flights Between New York and California

January 14, 2009

Gogo will provide United customers with more ways to stay productive or get the latest sports scores while flying

CHICAGO, Jan. 14, 2009 – United Airlines will begin offering inflight internet service to customers onboard its p.s. transcontinental service between New York and California starting in the second half of this year.

Aircell’s Gogo® Inflight Internet service will turn United’s p.s. aircraft into flying Wi-Fi hotspots, enabling customers to surf the Web, check e-mail, instant message and access corporate VPNs on their Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The service will be available to United customers traveling in all classes of service for a flat fee of $12.95.

“We are investing in products and services that are most important to our customers, and having Wi-Fi access on board is something that they have told us is key to making their flights more productive and enjoyable,” said Dennis Cary, senior vice president and chief customer officer – United Airlines.

“I can’t think of a better way for Aircell to usher in 2009 as the year of Inflight Internet than by announcing our partnership with United,” said Jack Blumenstein, Aircell president & CEO. “Passengers love Gogo Inflight Internet service and the freedom it gives them to be productive, connected and entertained.  Forward-thinking airlines like United are putting the power of Gogo in their passengers’ hands and reaping the revenue and customer loyalty benefits that it brings.”

Gogo will initially be available on the 13 Boeing 757 p.s. aircraft that fly between John F. Kennedy International Airport and California’s two largest airports — Los Angeles International Airport and San Francisco International Airport. United and Aircell will assess customer feedback to determine additional rollout plans.

About Aircell

Aircell is the world’s leading provider of airborne communications. As winner of an exclusive FCC frequency license in 2006, Aircell has built a revolutionary mobile broadband network for commercial and business aviation. In 2008, the Aircell® Network and its inflight portal, Gogo®, revolutionized the commercial airline passenger flight experience by delivering a robust Internet experience at 35,000 feet. In addition, the Aircell Network provides airlines with connectivity to operations and a path to enhanced cabin services such as video, audio, television and more. A similar feature set is available to Business aircraft operators. Aircell has facilities in Broomfield, Colorado, and Itasca, Illinois. Aircell’s vision is to give everyone the ability to stay in touch, in flight®. For more information about Aircell, please visit

About Gogo

Gogo®, powered by Aircell, turns a commercial airplane into a Wi-Fi hotspot with true Inflight Internet access. Passengers with Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as laptops, smartphones and PDAs, can surf the Web, check e-mail, instant message, access a corporate VPN and more. For more information about Gogo, please visit Aircell, Gogo, In Touch, In Flight are registered trademarks of Aircell LLC and its affiliates. All rights reserved.

About United

United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAUA) operates nearly 3,000* flights a day on United and United Express to more than 200 U.S. domestic and international destinations from its hubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago and Washington, D.C. With key global air rights in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Latin America, United is one of the largest international carriers based in the United States. United also is a founding member of Star Alliance, which provides connections for our customers to 975 destinations in 162 countries worldwide. United’s 52,000 employees reside in every U.S. state and in many countries around the world. News releases and other information about United can be found at the company’s Web site at

*Based on United’s flight schedule between October 2008 and October 2009.

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