Best Buy offers Palm Treo Pro on pre-order

If you just can’t get the Palm Treo Pro out of your head and bumped off your gotta-have list, no matter how much Palm Pre-ogling you do, w’eve got some good news for you. The Palm Treo Pro, all gussied up in Sprint attire, is now available on pre-order through Best Buy’s online storefront!

The Sprint Treo Pro has been expected to precede the Palm Pre launch (which is itself a Sprint exclusive, by the by), and it looks like Sprint is slowly gearing up to make the flagship Treo handset available to waiting customers. Last we heard, Sprint had delayed the launch of the Palm Treo Pro to February 15, making for an excruciating wait for Sprint customers with Treo Pro on the brain.

Best Buy’s Palm Treo Pro pre-order offering should give rabid fans a bit of relief and satisfaction, if only for a brief, order button-clicking moment. How much is Best Buy charging for the Sprint Palm Treo Pro, you ask? Off-contract pricing comes in at just a penny shy of $700, with on-contract pricing expected to hit $250. That Palm Pre’s looking a little more attractive now, isn’t it?

Best Buy

  • Dimato

    Actually you can go into the store and purchase the Palm Pro as of yesterday, at least in NC. You can also call Sprint’s sales department and purchase it. They tried to sell me one yesterday when I called for information on the Palm Pre.But it wasn’t availabe on their website.

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