Mozilla looking to bring Firefox Mobile (Fennec) to HTC Touch Pro next week

This one comes straight from the horse’s mouth, folks. A new blog update on their Firefox Mobile (codename: Fennec) development wiki has announced that Mozilla is aiming to go live with a Milestone release of Firefox Mobile in the first week of February. Better yet, the Fennec team is working to run the new mobile browser on the HTC Touch Pro.

Fennec has already hit Alpha 2 status, so it’s not too surprising to see Mozilla’s Firefox Mobile team gearing up for their first huge milestone next week. And, as WMExperts notes, all eyes will be on the enterprising group of Windows Mobile developers at xda-developers to port the first Firefox Mobile beta to various HTC hardware. Firefox Mobile’s arrival as a Windows Mobile beta will likely spark the mobile browser’s penetration into the WinMo underground.

The world is poised to welcome yet another capable mobile browser into the mix. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Firefox Mobile (Fennec) development!

[Via: WMExperts]

Image from WMExperts

  • adriano dias

    quero estala um gps no meu mp7

  • Najmi

    Mozilla should have done this long time a go, I love Mozilla I wish they could bring it sooner then next week.

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