Multitouch on the T-Mobile G1: Proof of Concept Video

It’s a well-known fact that multitouch is not supported on the T-Mobile G1. HTC and Google no doubt have the smarts and ability to punch this out, yet it remains unavailable. Thanks to the Open Source community however, (and developer Luke Hutchison in particular) a proof of concept (at the very least) video has come to light. As you’ll see in the video above, Luke has put together quite a nice multitouch hack for the G1. You can pinch and spread and flick to your hearts’ content.

Great work Luke. For more details, full instructions, issues and more… take a few minutes and hit up Luke’s blog. Thumbs up Luke!

Note: I love the ‘Zoom, Zoom, Zoom’ music used in those Mazda commercials. 😛

[Via: MobilitySite]

  • Simon Sage

    Very nice. Funny thing about the music is that it’s actually a capoeira song – “capoeira mata um” means “capoeira kills one more”. Wouldn’t expect something that grim, eh?

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