Audible Shutter Noises to Become Law for Cameraphones?

The Camera Phone Predator Alert Act has been introduced to U.S. Congress, seeking to impose mandatory shutter sounds on all camera phones, alerting anyone “within a reasonable distance” that phone-wielding ne’er-do-wells are taking a potentially scandalous picture. A fine and classy move on the government’s part, one that many manufacturers are already taking – I know on BlackBerry at least you can’t turn the shutter sound off without the help of a third party application. Countries like South Korea have already had similar laws in place for a couple of years now, so the precedent has already been set. Hooray privacy, boo peeping toms. For a closer look at the Act’s fine print, head on over here.

[via PhoneScoop]

  • Ben Robinson

    Would be great if they can pass a law where they do all our thinking for us too…. 😛

  • Joel

    “fine and classy”? yeah, cause the phone making noise is going to make ANY difference with this. you’re telling me that this is somewhere in the top 10,000 things congress should be doing right now?

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