Glu Mobile’s Metal Gear Acid 2!

It’s always good at IntoMobile towers when we get extra info on new stuff – in this the wonderful Holly has looked after us and delivered a ton of pix for Metal Gear Acid – selected top GFX from the game (and summary) below:


The award-winning Metal Gear Acid returns to your mobile phone! In the greatly extended sequel of this tactical turn-based Metal Gear game, you assume the roles of Snake and the mysterious female agent Venus. Having been led into a trap by the US military, Snake sees himself caught between the sides. While fighting against vicious enemies, Snake also has to face his inner fears. And what role does Venus play in this scheme?

Just like in its popular predecessor, the gameplay of Metal Gear Acid 2 is based on the turn-based card system once more. Play through more than 10 challenging levels in the Story Mode or replay already accomplished missions with redefined objectives in the Stealth and Eliminate Modes. Join the Arena for tactical combat duels against legendary Metal Gear bosses. Supported by the highly improved graphics engine and a set of tunes from the original Metal Gear Acid soundtrack, Metal Gear Acid 2 delivers a gaming experience which makes it easy for you to delve into the Metal Gear universe on your mobile once more.


This is one of a number of games that Glu Mobile has out in Q109, so look out for it on your Operator Portal or independent online retailer! You can also check out Glu Mobile’s website here.

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