BlackBerry Curve Tops U.S. Handsets for January

BlackBerry Curve

Avian Research has published the results of their monthly retail tally, with the BlackBerry Curve dominating the top spot, followed closely by the iPhone and, shockingly, the BlackBerry Storm. Really? The Storm is selling that well? The survey included answers from 100 retail managers and sales reps from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile shops across the country – so the results aren’t gospel, but are certainly a good general indicator of what’s going.  The new BlackBerry 8900 only started to get rolling mid-month, and after February’s results get added up, the Curve will likely be further entrenched as top dog. Here’s the full top-ten:

  1. BlackBerry Curve
  2. Apple iPhone
  3. BlackBerry Storm
  4. LG Voyager (up from 6th.)
  5. LG Dare (down from 4th.)
  6. BlackBerry Bold (down from 5th.)
  7. Samsung Rant (new)
  8. Samsung Behold (up from 9th.)
  9. Samsung Instinct (up from 10th.)
  10. LG Env2 (down from 8th.)

What do you guys think? Does that look like a reasonable list? I’m still shocked to see the Storm that high up – maybe the bad press has worn off and people warming up to it…?

[via RCRWireless]

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