Kindle 2 breakdown reveals vestigial SIM card slot!

kindle-2-sim-slotLike our appendix or tail-bone, the Kindle 2 apparently shows signs of a vestigial SIM card slot that might allow it to roam wireless networks when abroad.

iFixit, known for their unabashed tear-downs of the hottest Apple products, like the iPhone 3G, has taken to disassembling a Kindle 2 to see just what makes it tick. What they found was interesting. Aside from proving that e-Ink displays draw insanely low levels of power (the screen kept displaying an image even with the battery disconnected), iFixit found what looks to be the outline of a SIM card slot on the Kindle 2 mainboard.

Now, the vestigial SIM card slot could just be a remnant of Amazon’s development and debugging process. But, more alluring is the possibility that the Kindle 2 will be set free upon international wireless carriers.

After all, what else could it be used for?

[Via: MobilityToday]

  • Lawrence

    eInk draws *no* power to maintain it’s display… it only requires power to change the display.

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