WeFi – Find WiFi hotspots anywhere in the world

wefi_logoIf you’re the type to strive for a connected and mobile life, the cellphone in your pocket is likely a smartphone, and it likely has a WiFi radio. But, before you can take advantage of the high-speed WiFi connection, you’ll need to find an available WiFi hotpsot. Finding that WiFi hotspot, however, can be a trying experience. Hopping from WiFi network to WiFi network in search of a stable, high-quality connection can get old fast. What if there was some way to know how good a particular WiFi hotspot was before connecting to it?

Enter We-Fi.

We-Fi  offers all kinds of ways to find a WiFi hotspot near you. You can enter an address in We-Fi’s web-based hotspot locator. You can install We-Fi’s desktop clients for your PC or Mac. And, most importantly, you can use We-Fi’s mobile hotspot locator on your mobile phone!

With We-Fi installed on your Windows Mobile or Symbian S60 3rd Edition smartphone, you can leverage We-Fi’s database of more than 17 million (that’s “million,” as in six zeros) hotspots around the world to connect to the highest-quality WiFi hotspot in your vicinity. We-Fi installs as a homescreen overlay that makes it easy for you to get connected to a WiFi hotspot. With the WiFi radio turned “on,” We-Fi automatically checks nearby WiFi SSIDs with its always-updated database of quality hotspots. We-Fi connects to the nearest WiFi hotspot that has been verified as “good” by other We-Fi users. In the absence of any previously mapped hotspots, We-Fi will connect to the first available hotspot and determine its quality – and will send connection-quality data back to We-Fi servers for use by other We-Fi users.

Check the video demonstration below. We-Fi is available for free here.

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