UK: T-Mobile boosting its HSPA

t-mobile-logoAccording to ISPReview, T-Mobile has hinted that it will upgrade it’s HSPA network speed to a downstream of 14.4Mbps. Of course, this is the quickest that “vanilla HSPA”, but HSPA+ is lurking round the corner, and in trials is hitting speeds around 20Mbps. After that, we are starting to talk LTE, a.k.a. 4G!

As per usual, Mobile Broadband is going to be one of the big drivers here, eradicating slowly the point of WiFi hotspots – at this rate, Broadband dongles and contracts are going to be so cheap it’s just going to become another utility….

Well roll on the HSPA+ wars between UK Operators – let’s see who can go fastest!

[Via: ISPReview]

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