Dual IMSI Global SIM card will come with two phone numbers and free incoming calls in United States

GeoSIMInternational SIM card supplier, GeoSIM, announced that it’s about a launch the so called “dual IMSI,” a global SIM card with two mobile phone numbers that also comes with free incoming calls in the USA, and “significantly cheaper” outgoing calls.

The special version of GeoSIM will have a UK and USA mobile number assigned to it, and will come with such features as GPRS data, online back office functions, real time itemised call billing, global call forwarding and call recording.

As for the release date, GeoSIM said that the final arrangements are being put in place with the anticipated launch date to be early to mid April.

Finally before I let you go, here are the words from Managing Director of Geodesa Limited (distributor of GeoSIM), Ed Neal: “We are really excited about this ‘market shaking product’ which is generating a great deal of interest from customers and resellers already. In the past, travellers roaming on a US network have had to pay for incoming calls on their mobiles and paid higher charges for making calls. From mid April, all that will change when we roll out GeoSIM Dual IMSI. The USA will effectively become part of Europe in terms of the GeoSIM call rates and free incoming calls. GeoSIM customers will be able to call and receive at the current rates available in Europe or the US no matter which side of the Atlantic they are on.”

  • jakolu

    I didn’t know that sim cards supported multiple IMSIs, or that phones supported such cards

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