Sprint ’09 Roadmap Leaked: Mi-Fi Hotspot, BlackBerry Niagara, Samsung Mini and More Spotted

Hooah, now here’s some news for y’all: Sprint’s entire 2009 roadmap has made it out into the wilds of the blogosphere. First HTC, now Sprint? Man, what’s going up with the big companies these days. Loose lips sink ships, they say. Samsung, HTC, LG, Palm, and Sanyo all make an appearance in the leak, but the goodies are numerous, so let’s break it down bullet-stylie.


  • LG LX-370: Simple slider
  • Sanyo 2700: Ugly-ass QWERTY texter
  • HTC Willow
  • HTC Cedar:  Budget Smartphone
  • Palm Hail MaryPre: Palm’s smexy WebOS inductee
  • Samsung Mini: Full touchscreen in a slim package
  • Samsung Lucello: Dual-sliding, social networking goodness
  • Samsung Dash: HVGA Full touchscreener


  • BlackBerry Niagara: CDMA Bold/Curve hybrid
  • Kyocera-Sanyo 3810: Simple clamshell
  • ACE II
  • Samsung Chianti: Eco phone?
  • LG LX-290
  • Sanyo 3810


  • HTC Rhodium: Next gen Touch Pro with WVGA screen

[via PhoneNews]

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