Verizon Wireless re-launching Motorola Q9c with TALKS assistive tech

motorola_q9c_verizonWell what do you know? The Verizon Wireless Motorola Q9c isn’t dead after all. Following on rumors that the Motorola Q9c would reach the end of its product life cycle, we’re seeing Verizon Wireless re-launching the Moto Q9c with TALKS assistive listening technology on-board.

The TALKS assistive technology reads on-screen text to visually impaired or blind customers. The technology allows users to interact with other smartphone features like email, web surfing and text messaging. TALKS technology seems to be the new Motorola Q9c’s only differentiators – the rest of the spec-sheet should read similarly to the original Q9c.

It remains to be seen if Big Red’s re-launch of the Motorola Q9c signals a continued life for the Motorola Q lineup (Napoleon?) or if the Motorola Q9c with TALKS is the Q’s final hurrah.

[Via: WMExperts]

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